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Fight. A Coalition Against Evil

My name is Rebecca Tacosa Gray, the owner of a small organization called FIGHT. A COALITION AGAINST EVIL. I’m in the process of trying to build a Network of People who Fight Evil to help those who are already fighting by providing a resource that will be readily available to anyone who might need assistance. My goal is to Network all associations who specialize in Deliverance, Exorcism, and scientific methods of grounding evil and negative energies. It would not require anything of you, other than to be a part of my website, to fight as you already do, and I will send you a newsletter once a year. I’m hoping to build FIGHT. into a well respected Network of people who can be found, if needed, with respect to their healing needs. This would be handled via my website, which would gather information, advice, and practical methods of fighting that could be found easily on the internet, with one type of the words “Exorcism” or “Fighting Evil.” The long term goal would be to build a comprehensive online volume that assists others in fighting evil, with resources of assistance to support it.

Please don't regard this as spam. My organization is serious, and I'm truly building a quiet network that will help people--help all peopl--who are fighting and need to heal. I've had immense experiences in my life, some heartwrenching, and these events were the catalysts for my work now. I’m inviting you to become a member, and to understand that what we will be building together as a group will help many, many people.

My Deepest Respect and Regard,

Rebecca Tacosa Gray


Fighting Evil: Warrior Plans, an Excerpt from the Book, The Sword of Truth by Rebecca Tacosa Gray

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