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Symbolism (Metaphysical)

Symbolism was a term used by psychical researcher Ernesto Bozzano in relation to "cases in which by subconscious or mediumistic methods, an idea is expressed by hallucinatory perceptions, or ideographic representations, or forms of language differing from the ideas transmitted, but capable of suggesting them indirectly or conventionally. In other words, there is metaphysical symbolism every time an idea is transmitted by means of representations which are not reproductions."

Symbolism frequently occurs on occultism, particularly in prophetic dreams, which are sometimes represented in visual or etymological puns.

Sigmund Fraud made a point of such symbolic imagery in his psychoanalytic theory of dreams.

Many psychics find that their visions of future events occur by means of symbols. Traditionally astrological predictions used to be presented in symbolic pictures called "hieroglyphs." A.G.H.

Source: 9, 1647.

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