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Spirit Children

Children who pass over (die) at birth, according to mediums in a trance, grow to maturity on the other side.

Florence Marryat, in her book There Is No Death (1892), wrote of medium Bessie Williams' little girl "Mabel": "I have watched her playing at ball with an invisible child, and have seen the ball thrown, arrested half-way in the air, and then tossed back again as if a living child was Mab's opponent." According to Marryat when a stillborn child is launched upon the other side she is delivered over to the nearest relative of the parent to be named and brought up.

"The nurse of the little Guldenstubbe," wrote Baron Hellenbach in his book Birth and Death as a Change of Perception (1886), "who afterwards became a very celebrated medium, noticed with terror that his playthings moved about by themselves, while the child declared that another child was playing with them." (see Invisible playmates) A.G.H.

Source: 9, 1576.
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