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Solitary Goddess Love

Aleister Crowley's definition for Sex Magick is similar to his definition for Magick: "Magick is the Science and Art of realizing the divine self by changing the human self." Sex Magick is the raising of physical love making to the divine level. When participants are man and woman, the man focuses his attention during the act upon the Goddess while woman focuses hers upon the God.

It is believed this divine act of love making can also be practiced by solitary or single people through masturbation. The man may choose the emanation of the Goddess which he wishes to make love to. This is very important because by giving the Goddess a name one personalizes her, one's attention and sexual energy is completely focused upon her. Therefore, during the masturbatory act the man's whole attention and energy is completely absorbed in the Goddess. He worships her completely. The single woman can practiced this by focusing her complete attention upon the god of her choice.

There is a European tale that in an ancient village where most of the women were witches they would lock their husbands and men-folk in a barn one night of the year. They could not come out until daylight, and they were to love the Goddess throughout the night. A.G.H.


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