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Setianism, in theory, is similar to theistic Satanism. The principle adored deity of Setianism is the ancient Egyptian god Set, or Seth, the god of adversary. Set supposedly is the Dark Lord behind the Hebrew entity Satan. Set is worshipped by his followers through the ritual of the Black Flame.

Apparently there is some agreement between the Setian Satanists and the Hebrews since the ancient Jews claim they met the adversary in Egypt when he was the Pharaoh of the Seti Dynasty, Set was a pharaonic Deity. The Jews claimed the pharaoh forced them to leave Egypt, marking their Exodus. Others say that there is no specific mention of Hebrews being forced out of Egypt at that time; there is, however, a mention of foreigners being expelled and Hebrews were probably included. This has caused Setian Satanists to claim that Satan is a corrupt or slanderous name for the Egyptian got Set.

The concepts and theology of Setianism is to promote self-hood, deifying the self through self-exploration. Some feel there is an actual deity of Set while others think Set is a principle which to live by. The organization has a priesthood which directs member in the left-hand path. Membership records are kept secret. A.G.H


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