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Satanic Witch

A Satanic Witch combines the powers of Witchcraft and Satanism, the idea coming from Luciferian Witchcraft. Although historically Witchcraft is separate from Satanism except for the Christian connotation for there was no Satan or Devil in ancient Witchcraft because this deity was not needed since ancient deities possessed good and bad traits which humans shared. However, the time has arrived when the two must join forces on the left-hand path. Just as Christianity used Satan in its attempt to destroy ancient Witchcraft, Dark Witchcraft now must join Satanism to destroy Christianity. Satan and Lucifer with the other demons or Gods of Hell are joined by the gods and goddesses of the ancient pantheons in order to release humankind from the Christian debilitated role of sinner to the dignity of god-like human beings and to restore Earth to its natural condition of pre-Christian times, humans in the natural cycle. A.G.H.


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