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Sacred Geometry Meanings, Jewelry, Art and Symbols

What is sacred geometry?

The term sacred geometry describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. This term has been used by mathematicians, geometricians, spiritual seekers, anthropologists, and archaeologists to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that have sprung up around geometry in all the major cultures during the course of human history. The geometrical laws derived from the flower of life produce the blueprint of the one consciousness that created life and existence.

The moment you connect spirit and geometry you get sacred geometry!

We have a unique ability to subconsciously recognize geometric order from transitory chaos. We value highly the harmonic proportions contained in design that are bound by the laws of sacred geometry, which is itself the embodiment of harmonic waves of energy, melody and universal proportion.

Platonic solids

The 5 Platonic solids are - Tetrahedron, Cube or Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron & Icosahedrons. The platonic solids are primary models of crystal patterns that occur throughout the world of minerals in countless variations. The Platonic solids were known to the ancient Greeks, and were described by Plato in the Timaeus. Plato equated the tetrahedron with the fire "element", the cube with earth, the icosahedrons with water, the octahedron with air, and the dodecahedron with the stuff of which the constellations and heavens were made.

Two- dimensional images of each of the Platonic solids are found within the Metatron Cube, a construct which originates from joining all the centers together from the Flower of Life.

Flower of life

The Flower of Life is a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly spaced, overlapping circles that are arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon.

The Flower of life can be found in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. The symbol is carved in granite.

The flower of life holds a secret symbol created by drawing 13 circles out of the Flower of Life. This is the source of all that exists; it's called the Fruit of Life. It contains 13 informational systems. Each one explains another aspect of reality. These systems are able to give us access to everything ranging from the human body to the galaxies. In the first system, for example, it's possible to create any molecular structure and any living cellular structure that exists in the universe.

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Golden mean

Phi (Golden mean) is a constant value which is even more mysterious and profound in its implications than pi. Like pi, phi is a number with no arithmetical solution. The decimals just keep on going into infinity without ever repeating themselves. The unique thing about this number is that it can be found incorporated in all known organic structures. From the bone structure of human beings to the seed pattern of a sunflower to the spiral of a sea shell, the phi proportion is there, underlying all biological structures, seeming to be a geometrical blueprint for life itself.

Plato went so far as to call the phi ratio the "key to the physics of the cosmos". Phi is calculated at 1.6180339+..., and while it cannot be worked out arithmetically, it can be easily obtained with a compass and straightedge.

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Vesica Pisces

The shape of the Vesica Pisces is derived from the intersection of two circles, the Pythagorean "measure of the fish" that was a mystical symbol of the intersection of the world of the divine with the world of matter and the beginning of creation. The Vesica Pisces is used in a wide range of symbolism:
1. The joining of God and Goddess
2. A symbol for Jesus Christ
3. The vagina of the female goddess
4. The basic motif in the Flower of Life
5. An overlay of the Tree of Life
6. A geometrical description of square roots and harmonic proportions

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Written by David Weitzman - Ka Gold Jewelry artist
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