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Reincarnation, A View of

Many when considering reincarnation ask why there are so many people in the world one would think there would be less. However, as you know the global population statistics say otherwise. There must be reasons for this. At conception or birth most think of the soul becoming incarnate. Now thinking of the first people, Adam and Eve for example, their children were not reincarnated because there were no previous humans. So there has evolved two possibilities. One, animal souls reincarnate as humans, a theory held in some Eastern and Gnostic philosophies, and vice versa humans can reincarnate as animals; or second, new souls are generated. Considering at times, like currently, the world population is equal to or more than all the people who ever lived on earth, I think these two possibilities must be considered if reincarnation is to be considered at all. All of this is theoretical, of course. A.G.H.

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