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After the death of King Solomon, the people came to King Reboboam saying his father was hard on them with heavy taxation and everything; they promised if Reboboam would render them some relief that they would work with him to make the kingdom work. The new King said he would give them an answer in three days; and the people departed (1 Kings 12:4-6). Reboboam then consulted with Solomon's advisers who told him that what the people had said was true; and that if he would serve them, giving them some of the things that they wanted, they would serve him well (1 Kings 12:7). But, younger men who had grown up with Reboboam advised him to put a heavier burden on the people; their advice the King accepted and told the people when they return on the third day. (1 Kings 12:11-13). Then the house of Israel was divided; Jeroboam became the king of Israel with only the tribe of Judah following it. Reboboam came to Jerusalem with the tribe of Benjamin, representing the house of David, to war against Jeroboam. However, the Lord persuaded all to go home (1 Kings 12:16-24). A.G.H.

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