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666 and Its Connection to the Pyramids

by Roger Jimmo

In any of the Google Earth shot of the Pyramids, they are 9 major Pyramids on the plateau, set up and numbered as 123, 456, 789. 123 are the 3 middle, and they are the larger Pyramids. 456 are 3 smaller Pyramids at the bottom left, set up horizontal, pointing East. 789 are also 3 smaller Pyramids at the top right, set up vertical, pointing South. These 9 numbers are set up exactly the same as a calculator. Looking at these Pyramids, I did a mirror image of each which is 123 +321 = 444. 456 + 654 = 1110. Now 789 + 987 = 1776. As 123 point East, and 789 point south. where the imaginary lines intersect, becomes 0 (Zero). I also see these 3 smaller Pyramids East as 111 to 0 (Zero) and 3 smaller Pyramids South as 111 to 0 (Zero). 1776 -1110 = 666 + 444 = 1110. Symmetry of God = 1110

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