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Notariqon, (Hebrew, derived from Latin notarius, "shorthand writer") is a Kabbalistic method of analyzing and constructing Hebrew by the use of acronyms. (Also see Notarikon) This method can be used to analyze a word by treating it as an acronym for a phrase or sentence. For example, the word chen, "grace," spelled in Hebrew ChN, and then treated as notariqon form chokmah nistorah, "secret wisdom." Therefore, thence whenever the Jewish scriptures refer to grace, the Kabbalists claim that the secret wisdom of the Kabbalah is being discussed.

This method can be reversed to create words of power to sum up the energy of a phrase or sentence. The sentence Ateh gibor le-olam Adonai, "Mighty are Thou forever, Lord," may be condensed to AGLA, which is commonly used in Kabbalistic ceremonial magic. A.G.H.


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