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Nicholas Flamel

N???l?? Fl?m?l w?? a ?u?????ful Fr?n?h ??r?v?n?r ?nd m?nu??r??t-??ll?r wh? d?v?l???d a ???thum?u? reputation ?? an alchemist due to h?? r??ut?d work ?n th? Philosopher's Stone.

A???rd?ng to th? introduction to his w?rk ?nd ?dd?t??n?l details th?t have accrued ??n?? ?t? ?ubl???t??n, Fl?m?l was th? most accomplished ?f th? European alchemists, ?nd had l??rn?d h?? ?rt fr?m a J?w??h ??nv?r?? on the r??d to S?nt??g? d? C?m???t?l?.
Th? m?d?rn assertion that m?n? references to h?m ?r his wr?t?ng? ?????r ?n ?l?h?m???l texts of th? 16th ??ntur?, however, h?? n?t been linked to any ??rt??ul?r ??ur??. Th? ????n?? of h?? reputation ?r? claims th?t h? ?u????d?d ?t th? tw? m?g???l g??l? ?f ?l?h?m?: that he m?d? the Philosopher's St?n?, wh??h turn? lead ?nt? g?ld, and th?t he ?nd h?? w?f? P?r?n?ll? achieved ?mm?rt?l?t? through th? "Elixir ?f Life".

Fl?m?l had m?d? ?t h?? l?f?'? w?rk t? und?r?t?nd th? t?xt of a mysterious 21-page b??k he h?d purchased. Th? ?ntr?du?t??n claims th?t, ?r?und 1378, h? tr?v?l?d t? Spain f?r ?????t?n?? with translation. On th? w?? b??k, h? r???rt?d that h? met a ??g?, wh? ?d?nt?f??d Fl?m?l'? b??k ?? b??ng a ???? of th? original B??k ?f Abr?h?m the M?g?.
With th?? knowledge, ?v?r th? n?xt f?w ???r?, Fl?m?l ?nd h?? w?f? allegedly d???d?d ?n?ugh ?f th? b??k t? successfully r??l???t? ?t? r????? f?r th? Ph?l????h?r'? St?n?, producing first ??lv?r ?n 1382, ?nd then gold. In ?dd?t??n, Fl?m?l ?? said t? have studied ??m? t?xt? ?n H?br?w. Int?r??t ?n Flamel r?v?v?d ?n th? 19th ??ntur?, ?nd V??t?r Hugo m?nt??n?d him ?n Th? Hun?hb??k ?f N?tr? D?m?.

This b??k fell ?nt? the h?nd? of ?r?????l? th? man wh? w?? d??t?n?d to r????v? ?t; and h?, with the h?l? ?f th? t?xt ?nd th? h??r?gl??h?? d??gr?m? th?t taught th? tr?n?mut?t??n of metals into g?ld, ????m?l??h?d the tr?n?mut?t??n ?f his ??ul, which ?? a f?r rarer ?nd m?r? w?nd?rful ???r?t??n.

Th?nk? to th? ?m?z?ng b??k of Abr?h?m th? J?w ?ll the Hermetists ?f th? f?ll?w?ng ??ntur??? had th? ????rtun?t? of ?dm?r?ng ?n ?x?m?l? of a ??rf??t l?f?, th?t ?f Nicolas Fl?m?l, th? man wh? r????v?d the b??k. After h?? d??th or disappearance many ?tud?nt? and ?l?h?m??t? who h?d d?v?t?d their l?v?? t? th? search f?r the Philosopher's St?n? despaired b???u?? th?? h?d not ?n th??r possession th? wonderful b??k that contained th? ???r?t ?f g?ld ?nd ?f ?t?rn?l life. But th??r despair w?? unnecessary. The ???r?t h?d b???m? ?l?v?. Th? m?g?? f?rmul? h?d b???m? incarnate ?n the ??t??n? of a m?n. N? ?ng?t ?f v?rg?n g?ld melted in th? ?ru??bl?? ??uld, in color ?r ?ur?t?, attain th? b??ut? of the w??? b??k??ll?r'? ???u? l?f?.

Nicolas Fl?m?l m?rr??d P?rn?ll?, a good-looking, intelligent w?d?w, ?l?ghtl? ?ld?r th?n himself ?nd th? ????????r of a l?ttl? property. Ev?r? m?n m??t? ?n?? ?n h?? l?f? the w?m?n with wh?m he ??uld live ?n peace and h?rm?n?. F?r N???l?? Fl?m?l, P?rn?ll? w?? that w?m?n. Over and ?b?v? h?r n?tur?l ?u?l?t???, she had another which is still r?r?r. Sh? was a w?m?n wh? w?? ????bl? ?f k????ng a ???r?t ?ll h?r l?f? w?th?ut r?v??l?ng ?t t? ?n?b?d? in ??nf?d?n??. But th? ?t?r? of N???l?? Flamel is the ?t?r? ?f a b??k for the most ??rt. Th? ???r?t m?d? its ?????r?n?? with th? b??k, ?nd neither th? death ?f ?t? ????????r? n?r th? l???? of ??ntur??? led to the ??m?l?t? d????v?r? of th? secret.

N???l?? Fl?m?l h?d acquired ??m? kn?wl?dg? ?f the Hermetic ?rt. Th? ?n???nt ?l?h?m? ?f the Eg??t??n? ?nd th? Gr??k? th?t fl?ur??h?d ?m?ng the Ar?b? h?d, thanks t? th?m, ??n?tr?t?d to Chr??t??n ??untr???. N???l?? Fl?m?l d?d n?t, ?f ??ur??, r?g?rd ?l?h?m? as a m?r? vulgar ???r?h f?r th? means ?f m?k?ng g?ld.
F?r every ?x?lt?d m?nd th? f?nd?ng ?f th? Philosopher's St?n? was th? f?nd?ng ?f th? ????nt??l ???r?t ?f N?tur?, th? ???r?t of her unity and h?r l?w?, th? ?????????n ?f perfect wisdom. Flamel dr??m?d ?f sharing in th?? w??d?m. H?? ideal was th? h?gh??t th?t man ??uld attain. And he knew th?t ?t could be r??l?z?d thr?ugh a book, f?r the secret of th? Philosopher's Stone had ?lr??d? b??n f?und and tr?n??r?b?d ?n ??mb?l?? f?rm. S?m?wh?r? ?t ?x??t?d. It w?? ?n the h?nd? of unkn?wn ??g?? wh? l?v?d ??m?wh?r? unkn?wn. But h?w d?ff??ult ?t w?? f?r a small P?r?? b??k??ll?r to get ?nt? t?u?h w?th th??? sages.


N?th?ng, really, h?? ?h?ng?d ??n?? th? f?urt??nth century. In our d?? ?l?? m?n? m?n ?tr?v? d????r?t?l? t?w?rd? an ?d??l, th? path wh??h th?? kn?w but ??nn?t ?l?mb; and they hope t? win the m?g?? f?rmul? (wh??h will m?k? th?m new b??ng?) fr?m ??m? m?r??ul?u? v???t ?r fr?m a b??k wr?tt?n ?x?r???l? f?r th?m. But f?r m??t, th? visitor d??? not ??m? ?nd th? b??k is not written.
Fl?m?l is n?t?d ?? ?n ?l?h?m??t of ??n??d?r?bl? talent ?nd ?? ?n opera-lover. It is ???d he enjoyed h?? l?t?r ???r? l?v?ng a ?u??t l?f? ?n D?v?n. Although it ?? clear th?t he u??d th? El?x?r t? greatly extend h?? l?f?, it ?? not ?????f??d wh?th?r h? u??d th? St?n?'? powers t? make h?m??lf gr??tl? w??lth?, as th? St?n? ?? also capable ?f turn?ng ?n? metal ?nt? gold.
Th? d?ng?r of th? St?n?'? ?x??t?n?? was br?ught t? light wh?n V?ld?m?rt, w?th th? help ?f H?gw?rt? Pr?f????r Quirinus Qu?rr?ll, w?? n??rl? successful ?n stealing ?t for th? purpose ?f restoring V?ld?m?rt to physical f?rm. H?w?v?r, h?? ?l?n w?? thw?rt?d by th? ?ff?rt? ?f H?rr? Potter, H?rm??n? Gr?ng?r, ?nd R?n W???l??. Fl?m?l ?gr??d, along with Dumbl?d?r?, th?t the ?t?n? ?h?uld b? d??tr???d. W?th ?n?ugh Elixir t? ??t h?? ?ff??r? ?n ?rd?r, ?t was ?x???t?d th?t Fl?m?l ?nd h?? w?f? w?uld d?? ?h?rtl? thereafter. H?rr? t??k th? n?w? as t?rr?bl?, but Dumbl?d?r? t?ld him th?t th??r d??th? w?uld b? l?k? "g??ng to b?d ?ft?r a v?r?, v?r? long d??".


D??th ?f Fl?m?l
Fl?m?l d??d ?n 1418. H? w?? bur??d ?n P?r?? at th? Mu??? de Cluny ?t th? ?nd ?f the n?v? ?f the former Chur?h ?f Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie.
On? ?f Fl?m?l'? h?u??? still stands in P?r??, ?t 51 rue d? Montmorency. It ?? th? ?ld??t ?t?n? h?u?? ?n the city. Th?r? is ?n ?ld inscription ?n th? wall: ?l?ughm?n ?nd w?m?n l?v?ng at th? ??r?h ?f th?? house, built in 1407, ?r? r??u??t?d t? ??? ?v?r? d?? an "Our F?th?r" and an "Av? M?r??" praying G?d th?t H?? gr??? forgive ???r and d??d ??nn?r?. Th? ground fl??r ?urr?ntl? ??nt??n? a r??t?ur?nt.

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