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Magical Use of the Astral Temple

In magic the astral temple combines the elements of perceptual gestalts, whole environments, and the use of kinesthetic memory. The astral temple is the imaginary, or mythical, place where the magician goes to perform his acts of magic. Traditionally, the descriptions of astral temples employ of quasi-Masonic and hermetic symbolism; however, there is no reason other designs such as a cyberspace zone, space station, or an undersea room could not be used. The main idea is that the design of the temple makes the person feel safe when performing his magical work. Within the temple anything becomes possible; the only limitation is one's imagination. With continued practice in the temple assumes the individual's emotional associations so when in it he becomes calm, relaxed, and feels he becomes most powerful. A.G.H.


Hine, Phil, Condensed Chaos: Introduction to Chaos Magic, Temple, AZ, New Falcon Publications, 1995, p. 67

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