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Latihan is the basic spiritual exercise of the Subud movement. The object of the latihan is the worship of God. It serves as an initiation for those entering the movement, and, also a spiritual exercise for those already in the movement. The individual enters a complete of submission in which there is a union with the divine or God.

In the initial stages of the latihan individuals begin to have jerky or convulsive movements. Often individuals experience urges to cry, weep, dance, or speak in tongues. Such actions are believed to result in a release of tension that culminates in a state of inner quietude, in which the union with God occurs. In such a state of inner receptivity, it is further believed, that problems and cares of members can be asked about, and answers are received. The convulsive state that the individual enters is sometimes believed to be a sign of his or her reception of kundalini energy.

In the Subud movement there are no formal prayers, dogma or practices. All lathans are spontaneous. Members meet in each other's homes or rented halls where individuals, especially the initiates, can have the latihan experience. A.G.H.

Source: 9, 934.

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