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Lazaris is a non-physical entity that is said to be channeled by Jach Pursel. Pursel became aware of Lazaris on a business in the 1970s; he has been selected for the accelerated executive program of the State Farm Insurance Company. He first visualized Lazaris while meditating and then the entity manifested itself later. Shortly afterwards Pursel was channeling Lazaris who had discourses with Pursel's wife Peny, and then to groups of friends and other individuals who came seeking answers about life.

A home based organization named Concept: Synergy was formed in Northern California, from which Lazaris has been channeled to as many as 850 people in afternoon and weekend programs. Visitors have come from as far away as Australia, Argentina, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Pursel also has traveled to such cities as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Celebrities including Shirley MacLaine and Michael York have sought counsel from Lazaris. At the 1987 Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles Lazaris gave discourses to an audience of 3400.

No exotic setting such as incense, robes, or candles is required. Pursel enters into a trance and Lazaris commences his discourses. A.G.H.

Source: 9, 936.

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