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Kischuph, in the Kabbalah, is the higher magical influence. It is divided into two branches, the elementary and the spiritual, and includes exorcism. Sometimes Kischuph exhibits a striking resemblance to witchcraft of the medieval period. Sorcerers were said to change themselves into animals (see Metamorphosis), and go long distances in a short time (see Flying). They may also induce pain, disease, and death in men and animals. Still further allied with witches are the "women who make a contract with the Schedim, and meet them a certain times, and visit these spirits who appear to them in the shape of goats. In many countries such women were killed." This form of Kischuph is true sorcery; the other form, material Kischuph, is rather evil sympathy, consisting of disturbing influences on natural elements produced by exciting false "rapports" in various substances. A.G.H.

Source: 81, 243.

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