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Kinesthetic Memory

Kinesthetic memory is the awareness of one's orientation in space, and the way muscular movements combined with movement can be used to heighten awareness of what is generally identified as the Body of Light (Astral Light), the Astral Body or Double. In this exercise one learns through imagination how to use and sense one's astral body. First, the arm is moved slowly while becoming aware of the muscular changes, resistance of air surrounding the arm, and the movement of joints and bones. After physically doing this several times, one evokes the sensations while imagining his arm moving. Practice increases the vividness of the sensations. Then one, using the same method, raises the right arm, then the left, and then both arms; as soon as this becomes easier, then one can likewise manipulate other parts of the body, say the legs. With the mastery of such manipulations one soon finds that he can freely move about in the body. The astral body has many magical applications such as rehearsing potentially difficult tasks, shape-shifting (Metamorphosis), invocations, and exploration of dream and liminal trances. A.G.H.


Hine, Phil, Condensed Chaos: Introduction to Chaos Magic, Temple, AZ, New Falcon Publications, 1995, p. 67

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