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Spirits of Aleister Crowley's Illustrated Goetia


Rank: Duke
1 - 10
Zodiac sign:
Capricorn (night December 22 - December 30)
Two of Disks
Alchemical sign:
Venus - Copper

Hayres (or Hauras, or Havres, or Flauros) is the Sixty-fourth Spirit, a Great Duke. He appears at first like a leopard, mighty, strong, and terrible, but after awhile at the command of the Exorcist he assumes a human shape with eyes flaming and fiery, and a most terrible countenance. He gives true answers to things past, present and to come. But if he is not commanded into the Triangle, he will lie about such things, and deceive and beguile the Exorcist in these things. He will, lastly, talk of the creation of the world, and of Divinity, and how he and other spirits fell. He destroys and burns up those who be the enemies of the Exorcist should he so desire it; also he will not suffer to be tempted by any other Spirit or otherwise. He governs 36 Legions of Spirits.


Crowley, Aleister, Illustrated Goetia, DuQuette, Hyatt, Wilson, Temple, Arizona, New Falcon Publications 2000

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