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Harry Potter Spells, List of all Harry potter magic spells

In this article we will see the list of spells that are referenced in the Harry Potter books. Invented spells for video games or movies were not included:

Action It attracts an object no matter how far you are.

Pepper breath. Enchantment that causes an annoying taste and pepper breath.

Alohomora. Open locks and padlocks.

Animator. Spell for sad people to be happy.

Anti-copies. It is used in the pencils of the students to avoid that they copy in the examinations.

Aparecium To make invisible ink visible.

Above. Order that is given to the broom to be able to mount it.

Avada Kedavra. Unforgivable curse of death. It can not be intercepted.

Avis. It makes birds come out of the wand.

Bubble head It is a charm that occurs around the head to create an air bubble that allows you to breathe under water.

Red Sparks. They are used to ask for help.

Confundus. It makes people confuse.

Conjunctivitis. Spell that produces inflammation in the eyelids covering the entire eyeball. It works best for dragons.

Cruciatus. Curse of torture.

Deletrius. He gets rid of the prior incantatem spell.

Densaugeo. Lengthen any object.

Diffendo Break things and undo seams.

Dissendium With it opens the hump of the statue of the witch of Hogwarts.

Enervate Raise people affected by the Stupefact spell.

Engorgio Increase the size of some object.

Push. Curse that pulls the Magicians from their brooms.

Shield. Spell that protects from dangerous animals.

Expecto patronum Protect a sorcerer from dementors.

Expelliarmus. Disarm

Ferula. Bandages appear to heal a wound.

Fidelius It is a complex spell that makes a person keep a secret impossible to reveal, unless the secret protector reveals it, the secret is kept as obvious as it may be.

Finite Incantatem. So that enchantments end up working.

Furunculus It causes blisters in a person.

Blue Fire. Fire that can be ignited even in water.

Homorphus. It makes the werewolves return to their human form.

Impedimenta. Obstructs or delays objects thrown at a magician, or attackers who are directed towards the magician.

Imperius. Curse of total control over a person. With this you can manipulate your body and mind.

Impervius Repels water

Fire. Causes fire.

Horn Language It puts a heavy horn on a person's tongue.

Locomotive Mortis. Legs together.

Lumos. Create light

Mobiliarbus. Levitate objects and make them fall.

Mobilicorpus. It makes invisible threads appear to tie them to a thing or person.

Morsmordre. It makes the Dark Mark visible.

Nox Turn off the magic light that gives lights.

Obliviate. Loss of memory.

Orchideous. It makes a bunch of flowers appear.

Orient me It makes the wand work like a compass.

Petrificus Totalus. It causes the body to be paralyzed.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi. Paralyze pixies. According to Lockhart.

Gelatin legs. It causes a person's legs to tremble constantly.

Prior incantatem. Reveals the last spell that made a magic wand.

Reduced Reduce the size of an object.

Redoubt. Remove heavy objects from the road.

Relashio. Throw boiling water to chase away grindylows.

Repair. Fix broken objects.

Rictusempra. Tickle.

Quietus Lower the volume of the voice.

Riddikulus. Transforms a Boggart into something comical.

Serpensortia Create a snake.

Sonorus. Increase a person's voice volume as if they were using a microphone.

Stupefied Makes objects stop moving

Tarantallegra. He starts dancing without stopping.

Waddiwasi Throw small objects at a person with perfect aim.

Wingardium Leviosa. Make the objects fly


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