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Group Mind

Group mind, the term, is frequently used to denote the collective conscious of a specific group of people such as a tribe, village, or town, and which is the accumulation of their essential beliefs. Usually the group mind occurs within a certain location, so the thoughts, fears, hopes, and desires of the inhabitants form a sphere of energy that attaches itself to that area. The group mind influences the residents by disposing them to the nature of the thought form, or mind set. It can promote such behavior as shared by members of a magical lodge. This is the way people share a basic commonality. The group mind phenomena should be differentiated from the group mod or other psychotic behavior, and not confused with the group soul.

The energy of the group mind can attach itself to physical objects such as buildings, statues, rocks, bodies of water, and so forth. It is believed that rock, metal, and water can best conduct and store this type of energy. Also it is thought that in ancient times a group mind would center itself within a ring of standing stones, or menhirs. (see Megaliths) Psychics do not like going among menhirs at night because of their strange powers. Some psychical researchers believe that the builders of the standing stones may have permeated energy, some powerful enough to knock people down, within them. Some occultists claim to be able to sense or read the group mind, or the thoughts, of the ancient builders through the ability of psychometry. A.G.H.


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