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Experience Is The Best Teacher

By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls*

We gather tools as we walk the road of life. So many we just put away and let dust gather on them as though they are bits of intellectual knowledge that have no bearing on our reality here and now. But the Shaman (see Shamanism) recognizes that every piece of knowledge, even every experience has a direct bearing on the path she walks today. My tools are out and polished, taken good care of, ready for use at any moment.

When the hunter sits in his tree watching for a big deer to walk by as food for his tribe, he doesn't sit there with just a knife. He has his bow and arrows ready and his knife too for the work of preparing the meat. He has a rope to bring the deer back to the tribe and water ready for his thirst. He knows his tools and has them ready. He incorporates rope, iron, water, wood in his walk, and into his life. He knows his tools and keeps them sharp and in good working order.

Speaking of experiences being available to help you today, I just had an IM from a student asking me to explain "speaking in tongues" as taught to her by the Pentacostals. If I had not experienced this myself I would not have had the tool to be able to teach her. But I realize the tools I have gathered, the experiences I have had all help to make me what I am today. I throw nothing away that is of value, and I throw everything away that is not of value. Keeping a clean closet, having my medicine bag with me, I am ready to learn and to teach. I have room for more and new experiences and tools and my eyes are open to see these.

Another example, I have been reading about the healing properties of different kinds of cactus. Today as I was walking my dog I walked by a beautiful paddle cactus that had buds and was about to bloom. I blessed this experience and thanked Spirit for showing me this beautiful plant and its healing. Then I walked about four steps and saw at my feet a piece of this cactus plant lying in the road. It has a little bud as well. So again I thanked Spirit for this gift, found a cup, got some soil from the ground and planted the little paddle in the cup and brought it
home to be with me here. Is there a meaning to this? You bet! There is meaning o everything that happens to us. Each experience has a meaning. And I go on about experience here because so many of my students are into the knowledge, looking for knowledge, reading, studying, searching the web for answers when the answers for the Shaman are in the experience. I think you are beginning to understand this and I hope you will continue to learn from your dreams, from your daily life. Be the hunter and be aware. Ask Spirit what is the meaning, accept the
gifts you are shown and don't just throw them in a closet to catch dust but learn to work with them to find the meanings and the lessons they contain for you!

*About the Author:

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls has been a practicing Shaman for over 50 years. She recently received a dispensation to reach out to those who have a desire to learn about a Shaman's path and now offers an online course at www.shamanelder.com. Many people on this earth have been Shamans in other lives and only need to reconnect with their lost knowledge and skills to bring shamanic healing back to Mother Earth and its peoples. This is Shaman Elder's goal. Please visit her website at www.shamanelder.com or write her an email for a free consultation at shaman@shamanelder.com

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