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Epworth Poltergeist

This is known as a classic case of poltergeist activity, which occurred in December 1716 at the Parsonage in Epworth, Lincolnshire. All members of the Wesley family heard loud rappings and noises over a period of two months. Sometimes the noises were of a specific character, according to the well-kept notes of Mrs. Wesley. During one incident when she and her husband were descending the stairs one day they heard a noise as if someone was emptying a large bag of coins at their feet. This was followed by the sound of glass bottles being "dashed to a thousand pieces." Other sounds heard were running footsteps, groans, and a door latch being lifted several times.

The Epworth Poltergeist case is regarded one of the best documented in the annals of British psychical research, but no satisfactory explanation has been forthcoming. A.G.H.

Source: 62, 79.


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