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Ectenic Force

Ectenic force a supposed phenomenon of physical that is emitted by the person of the medium, and directed by his will, producing the means by which objects move without contact in apparent defiance of natural laws. The existence of such a force was initially postulated by Count Agenor de Gasparin, to explain the phenomena of table turning and tapping, and it was named Ectenic Force by de Gasparin's colleague M. Thury. The experiment of Thury and de Gasparin declared to offer some of the most convincing evidence that spiritualism could produce, and influenced some eminent students of psychical research. Such a theory is necessary if tables and other objects move without physical contact, but its validity remains uncertain because supporting evidence is not abundant. A.G.H.

Spence, Lewis, An Encyclopedia of Occultism, New York, Carol Publishing Group Edition, 1996, p. 133

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