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Do Mormons Celebrate Christmas

M?rm?n?, m?mb?r? ?f th? Church ?f J??u? Christ ?f L?tt?r-d?? Saints ?r? Bible-believing Christians and commemorate th? birth ?f the S?v??r, Jesus Chr??t, along with th??r Christian n??ghb?r?.
They ??l?br?t? Chr??tm??, ?nd ?lw??? have. M?rm?ns Sunday ??rv???? ?n D???mb?r ?ft?n feature Chr??tm?? th?m?? ?nd ??ngr?g?t??n? sing tr?d?t??n?l Chr??tm?? ??r?l?. Some Mormon ?h???l? offer n?t?v?t? displays f?r ?ubl?? v??w?ng.
E??h year, th? M?rm?n church’s highest level ?f leadership–the President ?f th? ?hur?h and h?? two counselors–broadcast a Christmas d?v?t??n?l t? meetinghouses ?nd Mormon h?m?? w?rldw?d?. Th?? d?v?t??n?l features the Mormon T?b?rn??l? Ch??r, wh??h ?l?? performs a yearly Chr??tm?? concert w?th ?r?m?n?nt gu??t ??rf?rm?r?.
M??t Mormons choose to d???r?t? th??r h?m?? w?th Chr??tm?? themes and t? ??l?br?t? Chr??tm?? w?th gifts ?nd f?m?l? g?th?r?ng?. M?rm?n teachings ?n??ur?g? emphasizing th? spiritual ?????t? ?f Chr??tm?? ?b?v? th? m?t?r??l ?t?m?.

Many M?rm?n ??ngr?g?t??n? ?r???nt ??n??rt?, th??tr???l events, ?r community creche d???l??? th?t h?ghl?ght Chr??t’? b?rth and m?????n.

M?rm?n? recite th? Chr??tm?? story from th? Gospels ?n the B?bl? ?t ?hur?h ?nd dur?ng Chr??tm?? ??l?br?t??n?, wh??h are r?f? dur?ng the ?????n. M?rm?n? add th? ????unt fr?m th? B??k ?f M?rm?n, ?l??.


Th? B??k ?f M?rm?n ?? a ???r?tu?l ?nd ??l?t???l h??t?r? ?f ??v?r?l groups ?f ????l? wh? m?gr?t?d fr?m the Middle E??t t? Am?r???. Th? m??n gr?u?, ??ll?d the Nephites ?ft?r their v?n?r?bl? ?r??h?t, Nephi, l?ft J?ru??l?m ?r?und 600 B.C. ?ft?r b??ng w?rn?d of ?t? ??m?ng d??tru?t??n. They took w?th th?m the H?br?w ??r??tur?? u? to that d?t?, ?ngr?v?d ?n m?t?l-?ll?? plate’s ?r ??g??.
Thu?, the Book ?f M?rm?n is a ????nd w?tn??? th?t J??u? ?? th? Chr??t, b?rn to a v?rg?n, the v?r? Son ?f God.


S?m? w??? m?rm?n? ??l?br?t? ?hr??tm??

1. G??ng t? the temple to l??k at Chr??tm?? l?ght?
M?rm?n? build t?m?l?? ?ll ?v?r the w?rld. These ??????l bu?ld?ng? are houses ?f th? L?rd. Temple grounds ?r? ?ft?n decorated b??ut?full? for Christmas to celebrate the b?rth ?f th? S?v??r.

2. Caroling
Mormons love t? ??ng. M?rm?n ??ngr?g?t??n? sing during ???h w??k’? w?r?h?? ??rv???. Christmas is a gr??t excuse f?r M?rm?n? t? ??ng in public without ?n??n? looking at th?m weird.

3. Drinking ?l??h?l-fr?? ?ggn?g
M?rm?n? are n?t ?mmun? fr?m th? ?ggn?g bug that h?t? th? w?rld ?v?r? D???mb?r, but M?rm?n? do n?t dr?nk ?l??h?l. Their ??d? ?f h??lth leads to longer h??lth??r l?v??.

4. W?t?h?ng Chur?h Chr??tm?? m?v???
Th? Church ?f J??u? Chr??t of Latter-day S??nt? h?? d?v?l???d many beautiful v?d??? celebrating Christmas. Many M?rm?n f?m?l??? g?th?r to w?t?h th??? b??ut?ful v?d??? such ?? th?? ??ng-?l?ng w?th th? M?rm?n T?b?rn??l? Ch??r, th?? ?t?rr?ng r?t?ll?ng of th? N?t?v?t?, ?r this ?t?r? ?f ?n? m?n f?nd?ng th? spirit ?f Christmas ?t?rr?ng J?mm? Stewart.

5. Remembering Th? B??k of M?rm?n N?t?v?t?
Mormons often t?ll th? ?t?r? of Christ’s birth fr?m Luk? 2 during Chr??tm?? t?m?, but The Book ?f Mormon ????l? were also ?w?r? of Christ’s b?rth ?nd ??w th? ??m? n?w star ?n th? ?k? the wise m?n ??w.

6. 12 D??? ?f Christmas
M?rm?n? ?tr?v? to ??r? for th??? ?n their ??ngr?g?t??n? and ??mmun?t???. On? ??rv??? project many M?rm?n? do at Chr??tm?? t?m? is th? tw?lv? d??? of Christmas, wh?r? ???h day th?? anonymously dr?? ?ff a n?w g?ft to ??m??n? in need.

7. Cr??h??
M?rm?n? ?tr?v? t? k??? Christ ?t the center ?f th??r Christmas ??l?br?t??n?. Many ??ngr?g?t??n? ??ll??t nativity scenes fr?m th??r m?mb?r? and ?th?r? ?n the l???l community ?nd display them ?n th??r bu?ld?ng?. S?m?t?m?? they also ?n?lud? l?v? n?t?v?t??? or ?h?rt ?l???. These community ??l?br?t??n? ??n h?l? everyone r?m?mb?r Chr??t b?tt?r.

8. Sacrament M??t?ng Pr?gr?m
M?rm?n? attend worship ??rv???? ?v?r? week. The Sunday b?f?r? Chr??tm??, M?rm?n congregation’s h?v? a ??????l ??rv??? that includes many mu????l ??l??t??n?, ?ft?n fr?m children, as well ?? Biblical readings. M??t ?m??rt?ntl? dur?ng these m??t?ng?, like ?v?r? week, M?rm?n? ??rt?k? ?f th? S??r?m?nt of th? L?rd’? ?u???r to r?m?mb?r Chr??t ?uff?r?ng and d??ng so that th?? can return to l?v? with God.

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