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The modern term for the ancient Persian science of divination through the study of the feet, similar to the study of the hands through palmistry. Ancient Persian and Indian rulers paid cartopedists for their practices in consultations on important occasions such as the choosing of a bride. Measurements of the feet, including the size of each foot, the shape of the heels, toes and arches, as well as the lines and markings on the feet, were carefully taken and intensely studied. These factors of the feet were thought to indicate the individuals character, ability and destiny. The period of study could take weeks before the desired answers were given.

Cartopedy is still practiced in India and Pakistan in conjunction with palmistry. Often parents seek the advice of cartopedists in the selection of a husband or wife for their children. Employers used their services to select employees. The police consult payyindas, foot trackers, to find out the characteristics of criminals from their footprints.

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