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Cardano, Geronimo
(Jerome Cardon) (1501-1576)

Geronimo Cardano, an Italian physician, mathematician, astrologer, psychiatrist, and psychic researcher, made valuable discoveries in all of the mentioned disciplines, was the illegitimate son of a scholar, Fazio, a friend of Leonardo da Vinci. Because of his scorn for the deadening tradition of past medical authorities and his dependency on personal observations in every area of medicine, somatic, mental, and psychic, he originally described typhus fever, syphilis, infection, instruction of the deaf mute and blind, and the determination of character from facial traits. His descriptions of his own mystical trances, his astral projections, his constant ESP and clairvoyant skills, and his capacity to dream beforehand each important event in his life marked him as an unique individual far ahead of his time. A.G.H.

Source: 2, 43.

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