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Candle Magic

Candles are used in various ways by both neo-Pagans and neo-Pagan Witches. In Witchcraft consecrated white candles are placed on altars and at the four corners of the magic circle. When it is called for in ceremonial magic candles are positioned to form a pentacle. Candles are burned at all religious ceremonies. Colored candles are used in magical spells. The color has its own vibration, attribute, symbolism, and influence. Also, the colors correspond to the signs of the Zodiac; some signs have more than one color.

In preparing to cast a spell, the Witch may dress, or anoint, the candle with an anointing oil while concentrating upon the purpose of the spell. The spell’s purpose dictates the formula of the oil. Or, a Witch may scratch a wish on the candle. The procedures vary and may contain elements of folk and ceremonial magic.

Color symbolisms and associations:

White: Spiritual truth and strength; breaking of curses; meditation; household purification.
Yellow: Persuasion; confidence and charm; aid to memory and studying; Virgo; Gemini.
Green: Healing; money and prosperity; luck; fertility; Sagittarius.
Pink: Love and friendship; entertaining; morality; overcoming evil; Cancer.
Red: Sexuality; strength, physical health and vigor; passion; protection; Scorpio; Aires.
Orange: Courage; solving legal problems; concentration; encouragement; Taurus.
Blue: Psychic and spiritual awareness; peace; prophet dreams; protection during sleep; Aquarius; Virgo.
Purple: Ambition; reversing a curse; speeding healing during illness; extra power; Pisces; Libra (lavender).
Brown: Protecting pets; solving household problems; attracting help in financial crisis; Capricorn.
Gold: Intuition; protection; Leo.
Gray: Stalemate; neutrality; cancellation.
Black: Evil; loss; sadness; discord.

When using candle magic in healing try to apply similar principles as used in color healing. Used a colored candle that has the curatives traits which meet the needs of the illness. During and after the practice always visualized the afflicted person as completely healed. A.G.H.

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