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Camibions are offsprings of the incubi and succubi. Some are more disposed to the human race than others. Luther wrote in his Colloguies that they display no sign of life until seven. (One would suspect if this is true they are in a spiritual state till the age of seven or are ignored. Remember in Catholicism seven begins the age of reason, can be blamed for sin.)* He said he saw one that cried when touched. (Children often cry when touched by strangers.)* H. Matole in Discours des Sorcires states that a Galician mendicant while on his horse picked a child up who had been crossing a river. The child was heavier than observed. The mendicant later confessed he thought the child to be a camibion, a demon. (It is surmised the heavy weight, representing sin and guilt, of the child led the mendicant to believe it to be a demon.)* A.G.H.

* Author's comments


Spence, Lewis. An Encyclopaedia of Occultism. New York. University Books. 1968. p. 93

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