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Ancient deities of inferior rank, which were believed to be attached to men at birth as their constant companion. They were capable of giving impulses and being messengers between the gods and men.

They were thought to be of a hostile nature as opposed to the Agathodaemons. The deity appearing to Cassius was huge in stature, having a black hue.

The belief in these daemons seems to have been traditional. They are thought to be bad deities cast from heaven for their crimes. They wondered various parts of the universe seeking a settlement. They finally settled among the stars where they are still hated by all. Tthey seek to exert revenge and injury. Their king was called Hades by the Greeks, Typhon by the Egyptians, and Ahrismanes by the Perisans and Chaldeans.

The poem, Kako-daemon or The Cavern of Anti-Paros by T. C. Kendrick was published in London in 1825.

Early astrologers named the 12th house of the sun "Cacademon," as its influence is regarded as evil. A.G.H.

Source: 9.

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