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British M. O. D. Explores Psychic Powers

by T Stokes

The British Ministry Of Defense has admitted testing psychic abilities in 2002 The tests focusing in the main on "Psychometry" which is literally the feeling of soul vibrations from physical objects, as often seen in spiritualist mediums who will hold a watch or ring and tell of the history of the owner.

In the 1960s the occult author known as Lobsang Rampa devised similar tests where students would learn to "read" the contents of letters prior to opening. The M.O.D claimed this series of recent tests cost £18,000, and were ruled inconclusive, unstable and then abandoned. The idea was said to improve the intuition of soldiers in the battlefield, and to locate arms dumps, enemy positions and the likes of Osama Bin-laden; also said to be included was astral projection, now fashionably called remote viewing.

Documents released under the freedom of information act show that 28% guessed close to the envelopes contents, but most missed the mark and one contestant fell asleep. Applications for assistance were sent to 25 top British psychics, to take part by the discredited Blairite administration, while the war on Iraq having being ruled an illegal war, meant no self respecting genuine psychic would take part and we all refused.

Many have long memories of how we were treated in W.W.II and how leading medium of the day Helen Duncan was prosecuted and imprisoned, after false statements and fake spirit props were provided by police. The testing of psychic abilities for the military has gone on under various schemes by an assortment of colleges and bodies since the beginning of W.W.II. In the latest tests, ordinary volunteers took the place of sensitive mediums and psychics, and it makes you wonder why they bothered.

T Stokes

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