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Blackwood, Algernon (Henry) (1869-1951)

amous British author, known for his works because of their brilliant occult themes. Born in Kent, at seventeen he became interested in the mystical and occult. His interest was aroused after he read the translation of the Yoga Sutrus of Patanjali.

When 20, in 1890, he emigrated to Canada where he started a varied career there and in the United States. His occupations included being a journalist, dairy farmer, hotel proprietor, actor plus others. He was intensely poverty-stricken until he became a secretary to James Speyer, a millionaire of the time.

Blackwood returned to England in 1899 where he wrote most of his occult stories. In 1900 he joined the famous
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He was some what of a mystic, being particularly responsive to wild natural scenery. He believed man possessed a latent occult faculty. He died when 82. A.G.H.

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