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This classical poem of Anglo-Saxon origin has generated great interest. The events probably occurred about the fifth century. Beowulf, himself, was most likely one of the Sons of the Light or Men of the Sun who fought the powers of darkness until they themselves fell. In this legend Beowulf fought the monster Grendel and defeats him-the giant escapes and leaves his arm within Beowulf's grip. But Grendel's mother, a mer-woman, came to revenge him and slew many people. Beowulf, after hearing of this, took up the quarrel, and diving to the bottom of the sea, where her palace was, killed her after a fierce fight. Later on Beowulf was made regent of Gothland, and later king, and he reigned for about forty years. He was poisoned by the fangs of a dragon during a mighty struggle, and died from the effects. He was buried on a hill named Hronesnas, and was deeply mourned by his people. A.G.H.

Source: 81, 67.
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