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Auric Healing

In treating a person through auric healing one attempts to improve the condition of a person by changing the color configuration of his aura. This is another phase of healing. For example when treating conditions of the nervous system use colors of blue and lavender to soothe and quiet the individual; to invigorate the person use the color of green grass; to inspire use yellows and oranges. When working with the blood and organs of the body, use dark blue to soothe, green to invigorate, and bright reds to stimulate.

Auric healing is similar to color healing where the technique of visualization is used. When the patient complains of an ailment the practitioner visuals the color which is lacking within the patient’s aura which would effect the condition. The following are examples: Blue for fever, high blood pressure, hysteria. Red for chills or lack of body heat. Light green for stomach ache. Dark blue or lavender for nervous headache. Dark blue for cuts. A.G.H.

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