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Astral Temple

The astral temple is a magical realm of creation through techniques that incorporate meditation,
visualization, and energy direction. Changes occur that transforms the astral temple into a place between the worlds where the practitioner is no longer restrained by physical limitations of ordinary reality. The environment of the astral temple is similar to a dream experience in which the person completely controls and directs the dream according to his will. Imagination is employed to visualize the appearance of the temple that the will situates in a proper place.

When the practitioner has entered the astral temple it is like he has entered a magickal world, or a world of his own. He has left the physical world, or realm, and has entered a magickal/mystical one. All limitations of physical reality are gone. Now the practitioner is in control of his thoughts and visualizations. He feels that he has the power to produce whatever he visualizes. This includes the temple's appearance as well as the effects that he wishes to produce in the physical world too. A.G.H.

Source: 78, 25.
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