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Artephius (c. 1119)

A well known exponent of Hermetic philosophy who is said to have died in the early 12th century, and declared to have lived a thousand years by means of alchemical secrets. Francois Pic mentioned that in opinions of certain servant Artephius was identical with Apollonius of Tyana, who was born in the first century by that name and died in the 12th as Artephius.

Many extravagant and curious works are said to have been written by Artephius: De Vita Propaganda (The Art of Prolonging Life) which he comments in the preface that he is writing it when 125 years old; The Key to Supreme Wisdom; a book on the character of the planets; a book on the significance of the songs of birds; on things of past and future; and on the
Philosopher's Stone. Jerome Cardan talked of these books and believed that they were composed by some joker who wished to play on the credulity of the partisans of alchemy.

Other scholars have identified Artephius as the Arabic poet and alchemist Al "Toghari" who died around 1119.

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