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Abas is a demon appearing in Mathers' translation of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. He is associated with trickery, sorcerery, and may be called upon by the magickan to assist in spells of illusion and invisibility, also associated with Almiras. Abas possesses the same abilities in Mathers' Clavicula Solomonis. According to Driscoll's edition of the Sworn Book Abas kingdom is the lower regions of the earth which contain precious metals, including gold and silver. Being king of these regions he can cause terrible earthquakes which destroy buildings and structures. Abas and his minions have knowledge of the elements which they can teach. It is indicated that some of this knowledge may concern alchemical operations, but not specifically stated. In the Clavicula Solomonis the demon's name is spelled as Abac. A.G.H.


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