Mystic Topaz

The Natural and Metaphysical Properties of Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz is more or less an alloy; it is composed of titanium topaz and several other minerals, along with a coating of white topaz.  The gemstone comes in various colour-tints; examples are purple, blue, and bottle green.

The gemstone has a unique resonating energy that helps to translate the wearer to a higher meditative state, enabling the person to attain and maintain the higher self.  The stone has a special charismatic property that shows it off as a stone rich in fiery energies.

In some cases, the Mystic Topaz is sometimes referred to as a fire topaz or mystical fire topaz. The stone equally features the rainbow sheen, as well as soothe the surrounding aura. Additionally, Mystic Topaz looks similar to Alaskan ice.


Other Benefits

With the aid of Mystic Topaz, the soul can attain and maintain a unique spiritual path and helps the individual know the inner self better than ever.  Thanks to the natural energies of the stone, it can empower the wearer to apply his or her hidden capabilities towards gaining a better understanding of the self and acquiring all the riches of life.

Furthermore, Mystic Topaz had been referred to as Alaska topaz or Caribbean topaz by many.
Mystic Topaz has inbuilt eminence energies that bring to the fore the individual’s intellectual powers. The energies equally serve individual’s spirit and enable it to carry out various spiritual travelling, thereby, enabling a deeper understanding of the sense of living.

Moreover, the gem has a unique vitality that is known to enhance intellectual and emotional strength, enabling the wearer to live a more tranquil life. The gem equally has vivacity untraceable to several other gemstones in the same category, which enables the wearer to gain unique psychic knowledge and special understanding about the higher state of the self.  With the aid of this gemstone, the wearer can easily release coldness from the inner being via the infusion of positive behaviours.

Besides, the energies embedded in this gemstone can bring about prosperity and good luck; it will attract other people to the wearer, and these people will be compelled to offer business proposals, friendship, and monetary gifts.  People will find it easier to trust anyone wearing this gemstone also. The gemstone will bring healing, acceptance, positive reception and trust.  Mystic Topaz is more or less an embodiment of progress and prosperity, to put it simply and concisely.
With the powers embedded in Mystic Topaz, the wearer can pull information from the surrounding aura and the reverberating energies possessed by Mother Nature.  This alluring gem has a unique potency that shields the spirit and soul of the wearer and ensures the positive emotions are kept safe from being negatively affected by the surrounding circumstances.

The gemstone confers positive vibes on the wearer and also improves the intellect. With the aid of this stone, the wearer can also get rid of any form of stress from the torso. The gem is charismatic, to say the least, and can free the torso and the soul from negative energies. Furthermore, it can increase the soothing energies pervading the life of the wearer.
Over time, it has been proved that Mystic Topaz can help the wearer to attain opulence, which will enhance self-esteem a great deal.  Additionally, the gemstone can pacify the soul of the wearer and also wipe away any form of anxiety.  It can soothe distressed emotions and improve intellectual torso.  It helps the wearer to embrace positive changes and has healing power against any form of intellectual trouble.

Anyone in need of an extra dose of confidence can rely on Mystic Topaz to infuse it. The gemstone can confer the wearer with additional confidence and bring about better self-expression. The ingenuousness the gemstone can infuse is also unique and incomparable.  It gives the wearer the ability to handle various situations of life.
Anyone suffering from any form of an emotional wound can also get healing from Mystic Topaz. The gemstone has several mystical powers that are capable of curing overall torso and emotional illnesses. Consequently, it can remove any force preventing the soul and spirit from progressing in life.

The power conferred on the wearer by the gemstone opens the individual’s eyes to the divinity of life and the beauty of nature. Also, it helps the person to lead a wonderful life.

Physical State

Using the Moh’s scale, the gemstone was categorized as a hard gem. Consequently, it must be handled with care so that it does not break. With the energies embedded in this gemstone, it can strengthen, heal and shield the soul of the wearer.

It can also keep the spirit safe from any form of evil. The spirit of the wearer will be compelled to improve the meditative skills, enabling the wearer to attain and maintain the highest possible states of the spirit and mind, which will bring about a better connection of the soul and the inbuilt energies of the Mystic Topaz. The gemstone can translate the wearer to the next mystical state by creating a unique connection between the energies of the cosmos and the spiritual soul.

Ancient Mythology

There is a strong association between the Mystic Topaz and the Sun.  The Egyptians give a lot of credence to it in their history and mythology. The Greeks also give it lot of reverence, same with the Romans.  The gemstone can cure several physical ailments, like eyesight problems. It can equally strengthen the muscle and clear any form of blockage in the veins.  Additionally, one can cure intellectual and emotional torso with the aid of this gemstone. There is no better way to wipe off the memories of old hurts and pains than via this gemstone.
Considering the various benefits and applications of the Mystic Topaz described above, one can say this gemstone is a miraculous item. It heals the soul and spirit, and also fills the individual with positive vibes, thereby, enabling him or her to strive for a better and brighter future.  You may not believe it, but Mystic Topaz can improve weight loss and help the individual to live a healthier and better life.  It has both mystical and natural powers that are undeniable. You can go for any colour of this stone since they all have similar properties and functions.

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