Moonstone is a semi-precious stone that can be found in Sri-Lanka, USA, India, Mexico, and Tanzania. The moonstone usually comes in an opaque white color that has a cloudy blue sheen. Moonstone is also found in a large variety of colors like peach, yellow, green, pink, brown, grey and rainbow.

Moonstones can be very affordable, but the value of the stone is determined by the color, transparency, and authenticity of the stone. It is a healing crystal.


african moonstone



The moonstone has been used for thousands of years. The people that used this crystal for its physical and spiritual benefits include the Romans, Greeks, and Asians. Also known as the traveler’s stone, moonstone was worn for protection while traveling at night. In some parts of Asia, the stone was worn on Mondays because it attracts good luck.

In some cultures, the moonstone was given to newly married couples because it was a symbol of love, fertility, fidelity, and good luck.

Healers from these ancient cultures also used the moonstone for its healing properties. Furthermore, Romans, Greeks, and Asians used the moonstone to honor their moon goddesses.

In the later years, moonstone was a popular choice for jewelry makers like Rene Lalique and Louis comfort.



A few myths exist that point to the origin of the moonstone. According to Hindus, a moonstone crystal is a ray of moonlight in solid form. Other myths explain the moonstone to be the tears of the sad moon goddess.

Roman mythology explains moonstone to be drops of moonlight. They also believed that the moon goddess, Diana could be seen in every moonstone. The goddess blessed wearers of this crystal with love, fertility, wealth and enlightenment.  Some people also believe that putting on the moonstones while having sex increases fertility and the possibilities of getting pregnant.




Moonstone is a crystal that exudes metal energy. Metal energy is harsh and focused but is the energy for healing, togetherness, and creativity.

Moonstone crystals can impart positive energy for your use while eliminating toxins and negative energies from you and your immediate environment.


Types of Moonstone and their Properties


White moonstones are the most popular variety available for purchase, but other moonstones are available. The different colored moonstones have slightly different properties:


  • Peach and Pink Moonstone: This crystal can improve how you see yourself and increase your opinion of your self-worth. A better view of your self-worth also helps to improve the decisions you make.
  • Blue moonstone: This is an expressive stone. It can help you express yourself and help you connect with your subconscious.
  • Green Moonstone: This stone has a calming effect, it is suitable for use by gardeners and can create emotional balance. This crystal also has the properties of a white moonstone.
  • Grey moonstone: This stone has all the benefits of the white moonstone, but it is especially useful for psychics and practitioners of the mystic arts.
  • Black moonstone: This moonstone is focused on new life or beginnings. Use a black moonstone to harness the power of a new moon and begin a new chapter in your life. In addition to this, it protects your emotions and energy.



On the Body

  • This crystal can heal the lymphatic system.
  • Moonstone is said to enhance the function of the immune system.
  • This crystal can aid in the resolution of hormonal imbalances.
  • This stone can eliminate toxins from the body.
  • It aids the reproductive system, improves fertility, reduces problems associated with the menstrual cycle and relieves symptoms of menopause.
  • This crystal helps to ease pregnancy symptoms and childbirth.
  • Moonstone reduces bloating caused by water retention.
  • It can improve the functioning of the digestive system and encourage the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.
  • Moonstone can help to improve sleep and treat insomnia.
  • This stone is used to slow down aging in the elderly and promotes cell turnover.
  • This crystal is commonly used to increase the growth rate of children.


On the Mind and Emotion

  • The moonstone provides a soothing feeling for people with anxiety.
  • This stone creates a feeling of confidence or eliminates fear.
  • Moonstones can help you have a positive view of life.
  • When used by men, this stone can help them become more sensitive. It can also help them get in touch with their feminine side.
  • Wearing the moonstone often could set you on a path to emotional healing and self-love.
  • Moonstone can bring balance in conflict and can help to repair tumultuous relationships.
  • This stone can be used on children. It helps to calm children, treats insomnia and helps them sleep even when they have bad dreams.


Spiritual Benefits 

  • This stone is used by psychics to enter trances. It is also used to enter lucid dreams that you can remember and explain.
  • It can help you gain knowledge and memories of your past life.
  • Moonstone can make you more intuitive.
  • This stone is used for divination by practitioners of the spiritual arts.
  • The moonstone is connected to the crown chakra. Using the Moonstone can improve your link to an understanding of the spiritual realm.
  • This crystal is used for spiritual protection and removal of evil energies or negative chakras.



How to use

To get the most out of your moonstone, here are a few recommended ways of using the stone:


  • By wearing the stone: Wear moonstone as jewelry to encourage self-expression, bring emotional balance, and promote fertility
  • Meditate with moonstone: This stone that is ideal for meditation. It can help to open the mind and help the wearer remember forgotten memories.
  • Place the stone in your living area: Moonstone can help to improve focus, understanding and can provide a feeling of calm. This stone can be put in your home, office, and car. When left in the car, moonstone can protect travelers especially when they are traveling at night.
  • Hold the Moonstone: putting moonstone in your pocket or holding it can help you achieve emotional balance and help you feel less fearful to express yourself.
  • Place moonstone on any of the chakras: If you feel any of your chakras are misaligned, unbalanced or requires healing, put your stone on the chakra point to gain balance.


How to Cleanse Your Moonstone

When you receive your moonstone, it will have some energy in it from being mined and the place where you purchased it. For this reason, it is important to cleanse your moonstone after receiving it. This will ensure that you do not absorb any negative or unwanted energy.

It is important to note that while some crystal sellers sell pre-cleansed stones, it is still recommended that you cleanse your stone.

Below are some ways to cleanse moonstone.

  • Leave the stone out at night: To cleanse and recharge your moonstone, leave it outside at night, preferably under a full moon.
  • Use running water: Hold your moonstone under running water or even rainwater. Because of how porous this stone is, wipe the stone clean immediately after cleansing it.
  • Bury your stone: One of the easiest ways to cleanse and recharge a moonstone is to bury it in the soil overnight.
  • Smudge your crystal: Burn some cleansing herbs and hold your crystal in the smoke to cleanse it.  
  • Use a cleansing crystal like selenite or quartz: Place your moonstone crystals in the midst of or on top of cleansing stones to remove all negative energies.


How to care for Moonstone

If well taken care of, moonstone crystals will last a long time. Below are some tips for taking care of moonstone in whatever form you have it.

  • Do not leave this stone in the sunlight for an extended period. Leaving moonstone in heat can cause it to crack.
  • Avoid using damaging substances like soap, bleach and scouring powders while using wearing this crystal. Exposure to any of these substances could dull the sheen of the moonstone. These substances can also lead to discoloration of the moonstone.
  • While the moonstone is a soft stone and jewelry made with it is unsuitable for everyday wear, this stone scratches easily. So, keep your moonstone jewelry away from other jewelry. To keep it for later use, put the moonstone in a jewelry bag before keeping it.

The moonstone is a powerful crystal that aids healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. While some people feel a tingle when they hold onto this stone, you may not experience healing immediately. Scientific evidence does not support the use of moonstone for healing, and so it should be used with an open mind.

It is important that you do not use moonstone crystals as a replacement for modern medicine when treating serious ailments.  Most importantly, the Moonstone is unsuitable for consumption and should not be inhaled either. This is because moonstone contains aluminum, which is considered a toxic substance when consumed.