Metatron is an¬†angel mentioned in Hebrew apocalyptic literature and frequently referred to as “the Prince of the countenance.” (See also the cube of metatron)

In the¬†Talmud¬†he is described as being seated next to Elisha b. Abuyah, as having “a name like that of his master,” and even, in some manuscripts as “the lesser YHWH.”

He is to be identified with jahoel, mentioned in the Apocalypse of Abraham, who was responsible for the highest tasks in heaven and performed many ascribed to the Archangel Michael. Simultaneously he is associated with Enoch who walked with God (Genesis 5:22).

The Kabbalaists noted his name in Hebrew could be spelled with either seven letters or six letters. The seven-letter Metatron was identified with the supreme emanation from the Shekhinah, while the six-letter with Enoch. A.G.H.



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