Metatron Angelic Emanation and Enoch’s Divine Echo

Metatron is an angel mentioned in Hebrew apocalyptic literature and frequently referred to as «the Prince of the countenance.» (See also the cube of metatron) In the Talmud he is described as being seated next to Elisha b. Abuyah, as having «a name like that of his master,» and even, in some manuscripts as «the lesser YHWH.»

He is to be identified with jahoel, mentioned in the Apocalypse of Abraham, who was responsible for the highest tasks in heaven and performed many ascribed to the Archangel Michael. Simultaneously he is associated with Enoch who walked with God (Genesis 5:22).

The Kabbalaists noted his name in Hebrew could be spelled with either seven letters or six letters. The seven-letter Metatron was identified with the supreme emanation from the Shekhinah, while the six-letter with Enoch. A.G.H.


Metatron Angel

Metatron is a prominent angel in Hebrew apocalyptic literature, often revered as «the Prince of the countenance.» This title signifies his high status in the celestial hierarchy. The mystical concept of the «cube of Metatron» is also associated with him, symbolizing his profound spiritual and mystical significance in various traditions.


In the Talmud

In the Talmud, Metatron’s unique position is emphasized. He is depicted as seated next to the famed Elisha b. Abuyah, indicating a status of high regard in the heavenly realms. Metatron is described as having a name akin to that of his divine master, hinting at a deep connection or similarity to God. Some manuscripts even refer to him as «the lesser YHWH,» a title that underscores his immense power and authority.

Connections to Other Angelic Beings

Metatron is identified with Jahoel, a figure mentioned in the Apocalypse of Abraham. Jahoel is responsible for the highest tasks in heaven, often undertaking roles typically ascribed to the Archangel Michael. This connection points to Metatron’s significant role in the celestial order and his involvement in critical heavenly duties.


Association with Enoch

A fascinating aspect of Metatron’s identity is his association with Enoch, the biblical figure known for walking with God (Genesis 5:22). This link provides a human dimension to Metatron, connecting him to earthly existence and divine transcendence.


Kabbalistic Interpretations

The Kabbalists offer a mystical perspective on Metatron, noting that his name in Hebrew can be spelled in two ways: with either seven letters or six letters. The seven-letter variant of Metatron is associated with the supreme emanation from the Shekhinah, representing the divine feminine presence in Kabbalah. In contrast, the six-letter version is linked to Enoch. This dual spelling and interpretation highlight Metatron’s complex nature, embodying both the divine and the human.



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