7 Online Occult Shops and metaphysical stores

What is a Metaphysical Store

Internet metaphysical stores and occult shops are a popular avenue for get metaphysical, occult, rare items and supplies. They ease the stress of making purchases and shipping said items. This is now enjoyed widely by practitioners and students of the mystic arts. It includes but not limited to Wicca, Magick, Tarot, Astrology, Occult, metaphysical and many new or old religions.  

There is a thriving market for materials or supplies used by people of all these religions or beliefs that can buy online as we reviewed in buy wiccan supplies online article.


Besides, getting materials for prayers and rituals used to be difficult. Especially for the curious beginner. The availability of online stores that cater to these religions has made it easy to find a supply needed by experts and students. These shops also make it easy for a curious individual to have an insight on the materials used by practitioners of these religions.


However, not all metaphysical stores offering Pagan, Wicca or magic oils, herbs, relics or candles are the same though. Some offer spiritual guidance and instruction alongside the items available for purchase. Other may boast of years of practice in witchcraft supplies and the use of authentic materials to make their products.

This could make it difficult to decide which online store to buy your supply tools from. We have collected a list of the best online stores that sell specialty items. They are mainly for practitioners and students of the mystic arts. 

These shops have been examined to help you determine if you should make purchases from them based on their online reputation and buyer reviews.


Metaphysical Stores Online


  1. KA Gold Jewelry

This occult jewelry store which specializes in symbolic Jewelry was established in 2005 by David Weitzman and Yaron Schaool.  Weitzman, the designer of the Jewelry, inscribes and fashion sacred and spiritual symbols on the items sold at this online shop. 

The designs and symbols on the Jewelry are inspired by sacred geometry, religious concepts, and knowledge. Drawing inspiration from the Egyptians, Tibetan and Jewish knowledge, Weitzman designs the KA Gold Jewelry with the hope that buyers and wearers of the items will be affected positively. Weitzman’s aim is that the wearers of the jewelry gain happiness, excitement, wholeness and even love.

The KA Gold Jewelry comes in a decorative pouch and scroll designed to make you feel special. The means of packaging of your purchase will also include an explanation of the symbol on your jewelry and the proof of its authenticity. Jewelry, pendants or Talismans from this shop will have a symbol inscribed on it that can be used to prove that it is authentic. It is an ideal gift for someone very special.

This online shop is fixated on client satisfaction and is, thus, a good choice for purchasing spiritual jewelry.

Shipping is available within and outside the USA, and returns are available as well if you are not satisfied with your purchase. However, it is important to note that international purchases from KA Gold Jewelry may attract an import charge.

If you would like to try their items at a reduced price, they usually have discount codes available on the website. 

The KA Gold Jewelry website has a 5-star review on their Facebook page as well as a 100% trust score on Scamadviser. This shows that this online shop is trustworthy and customer service oriented. 

Conclusion: Price is a bit higher than usual. Quality is awesome.


  1. Natural Magick Shop

The Natural Magick Shop is an online metaphysical store that sells items utilized in the practice of witchcraft. Established by Cedar Stevens, a practicing witch for over 30 years, the natural Magick store offers an assortment of items for practitioners of witchcraft and individuals who want to purchase her services.  The items available for purchase include magic wands, spiritual oils, magic spells, athames, home and room sprays, scents, mojo kits, teas, herbs, jewelry, dream pillows, and elixirs. 


Stevens ensures that the products sold in her online shop are not only authentic, but prepared according to traditional practices

Proper ritual preparation is followed in the creation of the materials sold here. Also, the rules of nature are observed with things like the position of the moon, sun, planets, as well as the day of the week being considered.

The relationship between the elements and the herbs or materials being prepared are another factor considered. 

These are only some factors that contribute to the authenticity and strength of materials and ingredients gotten from this online store. All the effort put into the items available for sale in this shop make it a great choice for practitioners of witchcraft.

Stevens has a vast knowledge of herbs and potions, which makes her a good choice from which students and witches can make their purchases.

The Natural Magick website offers delivery within and outside the United States, but delivery speeds may differ. International shipping may also incur import charges. 

Located in Austin, Texas, the Natural Magick Store is a great choice for individuals searching for authentic, traditional and ritually crafted materials and ingredients for their practice of witchcraft.  If you wish to make inquires, the website has its contact information on the homepage. 

Natural Magick has a 5-star rating on Facebook based on 33 reviews.


  1. Black Magic Witch

 A practicing coven with 13 members founded The Black Magick Witch Store. The 13 members of this coven specialize in diverse areas of witchcraft and supernatural arts. However, these members came together to share knowledge of their art and teach the practice to students as well. 

It was Initially located in Vegas. The Black Magick Witch Coven goes to a different country every year. This is to work with other spiritual leaders and share knowledge with them.

The metaphysical store and online shop sells items such as Magick oils, spell kits, candles, hoodoo materials and kits for conjuring activities

Besides selling items used in the practice of magick and witchcraft, it also has an online school where students can pay to learn the practice, acquire knowledge and improve their skills. To gain entry into this online school, you will need an online access code. This school has had hundreds of online students who were instructed by members of the coven. 

Purchases from this online store can be delivered only within the United States with orders over $100 being delivered for free.   Purchases made can be tracked, and if you no longer want the item, it can be refused on delivery for a refund on the item purchased but not the delivery cost.

The Black Magick Witch is available on different social media platforms, and if you have queries, their customer care information is visible on the website.

It is a great choice for seasoned witches, students, and sellers of metaphysical items and tools. This online store offers a 30% discount on all wholesale purchases and dispatches to locations all over the world. 


  1. Exquisite Crystals


Once crystals were just pretty stones used to make jewelry. Now, crystals have been found to have more healing powers than most can imagine. The problem many people come across when trying to buy crystals and mineral stones is quality. Trying to find the best quality possible. 

Exquisite Crystal is an online occult shop that eliminates this problem. It was set up in 1999, is aimed at providing the best quality of crystals and minerals to the public. The items sold are not limited to crystals. They also include magick wands, chakra stones, gems, healing minerals, carvings, and books for increasing your knowledge of the powers of crystals and minerals. 

Moreover, the huge variety of healing crystals in this online store makes it an excellent choice for a gift an for collectors of crystals and healing stones. 

Crystals and minerals heal from the inside-out. They are ideal for individuals who would like to improve their moods, alleviate anxiety, get rid of bad vibes or people who do not even practice magick.

You can buy crystal stones in different shapes and sizes from this shop. Also, you can also purchase these stones in the form of jewelry. This is if you wish to have the stone with you at all times.

The Exquisite Crystal store ships nationally and internationally with some delivery options available for you to use.  A discount is available with your first purchase. And if you have any inquiries, you can contact the Exquisite Crystal Store. They also accept returns, but shipping costs are not refundable.

With a 5 star rating on their Facebook page and a 9.93/10 rating on Reseller Ratings, Exquisite Crystal is a store that aims to ensure customer satisfaction.


  1. Mystic Convergence

 This metaphysical store caters to practitioners of witchcraft, hoodoo, or astrologers. Also it has items for people that practice a variety of religions. Religious symbols, items, and tools are available for people that practice Santeria, Judaism, Hindu, Christianity, and other religions. 

The Mystic Convergence is a occult store for spiritual items that can help the user grow spiritually. The items sold in this store include:

  • Magic wands.
  • Religious, or symbolic wands.
  • Witches cauldrons.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Herbs.
  • Magic oils.
  • Candles.
  • Statues.

And hundreds of other pieces that can further your spiritual journey and empower you.

They also sell books on this online shop; these books provide knowledge on the mystic and spiritual arts. 

The Mystic Convergence is an ideal store for people of different religions as they cater to every religious need. This store has a blog and social media pages where more information to help you on your spiritual journey can be found. 

Items purchased can be delivered within and outside the United States. Orders above $75 get delivered for free to addresses within the United States. Returns are also accepted on items purchased, as long as they are in the new and original condition. If they sent you the wrong item, refunds, or exchanges are possible.


  1. The Mystical Moon Store


The Mystical Moon Store is an online occult shop that sells metaphysical products gifts and tools for the practice of magick and materials for spiritual empowerment. This online store has two physical stores in Florida. In the physical or online store, you can buy candles, herbs, oil, crystals, incense, room sprays, and other services like tarot reading, divination, and a course for beginners. 

The founder Laurie Barraco is a Psychic who teaches courses on spiritual evolution and the magic of manifesting. She also offers services such as tarot readings, psychic readings, cleansings, astrological readings, and dream interpretations on the second mystical moon online store

The Mystical Moon Store delivers within the United States through USPS. The downside of making purchases from this online shop is that all purchases are final. No returns or returns.


  1. Judaica Webstore

Judaica is different from the others on this list as they only sell items from Israel. The items sold here range from food to clothes, cosmetics, art and religious symbols or jewelry. This store aims to encourage the sale of quality goods made in Israel.

Judaica works with notable manufacturers of Israeli arts and designs to deliver sales of Israeli and Judaica art. You will be able to browse thousands of great Israeli gifts and pocket-friendly prices. This online store has got you covered. From the Dead Sea skin care products to Jewish jewelry, Israeli souvenirs, and beautiful pieces Jewish and Judaica art. 

This occult shop has really great pieces.

Items purchased from this website can be shipped nationally and internationally. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it. Some items such as cosmetics and personalized jewelry are not eligible for the returns. 


Bottom Line

The above-listed metaphysical stores and online occult shops are essential. If you wish to buy witchcraft supplies, sacred jewelry, wiccan accesories, crystals, stones and occult articles. If you wish to make purchases from any of mystic stores, it is important that you do your own research. Then you will be able to make good decisions.