Mermaids are mysterious sea creatures.  They are actually half- women like and half-fish like. Their upper body is a woman form, and the lower part is in fish form. The existence of a mermaid has not been actually proven. To most people, they are just but imaginations. The thrilling imaginations of mermaids originate from fairy tales and videos. On the other hand, sailors and other sea and ocean explorers have documented their experiences of actual sights in deep seas.


Mermaids are very beautiful creatures.  They have long hair and smooth skins. The secret behind their beauty is the fact that they spend most of their time in the salty water. The salt water keeps healthy for their skin development and maintenance of smooth, shiny faces. The mermaids embrace their beauty, when they come to bask in the sun they do like combing their hair. Their skin colors vary from soft blue, lilac, and silver.

They have very strong tails and fins. These features help them to thrust swiftly in water. They are also good swimmers as they mainly survive under deep waters. They do swim for long distances from the middle of the sea or oceans to the shores. Their main motive for traveling is to search for basking sites, plenty sources of food and mates. Mermaids like appearing in deserted shores far away from human distraction.

Just like humans, mermaids have family relationships.  Actually, they have parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. They do associate together, for instance, they do live in groups according to their family ties. The mermaids are very protective of their own, and they do hunt together for food. It is very amazing how they do communicate.

Since they dwell so much in water, their main source of food is seaweed and sea animals. Obviously, they do not have a source of energy to cook their food. Therefore their food is eaten raw. Their delicacies vary from shrimps, small fishes like cod and sea vegetables like the edible algae. These foods may sound a bit disgusting to the humans, but actually, they are a good source of protein that makes the mermaid to look and stay healthy.

The mermaids possess fascinating powers. They are known to have strong manipulation on bodies of water.  In fact, they do control such occurrences as rains, storm and even clouds. Similarly, they are able to manipulate water by either freezing or boiling it. I tend to imagine how interesting their lives are at the bottom of the sea. The powers they possess however does not allow them to cause any harm to a fellow mermaid, and thus they rarely conflict.

The first mermaid from historical knowledge was actually a man.  The body features are of this mermaid sound really freaky. The Greeks believed that this creature was actually a source of knowledge to the humans. Oannes was his name; he had two heads that of human and fish, also human legs as well as a tail.

From historical tales, the first mermaid was originally a woman who threw herself in the lake and eventually turned into a mermaid. She got impregnated, and because of shame, she decided to live in water. This mermaid was then believed by the ancient people to be the goddess of fertility and love.

The sirens are believed to have originated from the three women who were given powers to fly. They actually dwelled in the land but could fly to the ocean shores. Their luring voices made the sailors think that they were actually mermaids.

Their interest in shiny objects could be associated with their dwelling places.  The sea and ocean floors are rich in shiny and beautiful minerals.  Some myths do say that whenever you swim in the deep sea, you will come back without your expensive, beautiful rings or bracelets.  People believe that the mermaids use their strong powers to steal the Lustrous items. Their interest in shiny things is motivated by their love for beauty.

The mermaids are attracted to human males. Their beauty does lure men to move closer to them, once they get hold of them, they drown them to deeper ends. Some mythical stories tell that mermaids do feed on human flesh, especially the heart. Some are known to be very charming, and they do really fall in love with humans. It only becomes hard to coexist together because they do not survive for a long time away from water, at the same time humans cannot survive in water.