What does it mean to Dream about Someone Constantly

In most instances, dreams can give you revelations. They can tell you a lot about things that have happened in the past and also reveal things to come. Dreams rarely come directly; they almost always come symbolically.

This means you need to understand the symbolism before you can get the meaning of that dream.  If care is not taken, you may end up giving the wrong translation to that dream. This means you need to source for the right translation so as not to end up with wrong meanings and translations.

What if you dream of a particular individual constantly? What does it mean? Continue reading to find out the meaning of this type of dream.


what does it mean if you dream about some constantly


What does it mean if you dream about someone

Just an ordinary dream

At times, this dream may be as a result of ordinary happenings during the day. If a particular individual is in your thought constantly before you sleep, you may find yourself dreaming of the person.

Thinking about that individual during the day would have registered in your sub-consciousness, and this can be replayed in the form of a dream. It is just your sub-consciousness playing a trick on you at times and not any form of revelation.

If you consciously change your thoughts while awake, you will discover that the subject of your dreams starts shifting to that new object that now engage your mind while awake.

Sign of affection

Some scientists are of the opinion that dreams are more or less the windows to the sub-consciousness. Your sub-consciousness tends to hold firmly to the thoughts of an individual you desire exceedingly. Some other groups of scientists believe that a dream is more or less a spontaneous self-portrayal and also a display of the actual situation that happens in the unconscious mind.

Most times, people dream of things they desire but cannot have.

Even if you can have it, but desires that particular thing deeply, you will find yourself dreaming about it. The same thing goes for humans.  Most men have confessed dreaming of having sexual intercourse with girls they have a crush on.

Many of them even wake up to discover they have had a wet dream. So, it is most likely a sign of affection for that person if you find yourself dreaming of the individual consistently.

Sign of animosity

Aside from being a sign of affection, dreaming of someone can as well be a sign of dislike or animosity. You may find yourself dreaming consistently of an individual you have a thing against.

Maybe the person has hurt you in the past, and you are bent on taking your revenge on the individual you may find yourself thinking about the person at virtually all times.

You may even fight with the person in the dream.  Things can be bad at times that you wake up feeling pain where the person had hit you in the dream.

Always consider the various meanings of a dream before concluding what it means; this is because the same dream can mean various things, depending on the prevalent circumstances.