Max Loughan Cern


Free Energy Device

The project was Max Loughan’s final product for a learning expedition of made in the USA products; the expedition focuses on looking at the world via the lens of innovation. The students participating in the program are to identify a problem and device an innovative approach to solving that problem.

Only final year students can participate in the project. Max Loughan focused on finding a solution to the energy problem. His idea involves capturing the ‘free energy’ floating around in the universe and converting them to electricity.

Max Loughan is a 13-year-old boy. His invention made use of several principles traceable to Nikola Tesla’s findings some 25 years ago. They were about harvesting the free energy available in the atmosphere.

This 75-year-old idea made Tesla Motor’s boss name his company after Nikola Tesla.




Some of the items used by the 13-year old are:

  • A spoon
  • Some coils of wire
  • An old coffee can



The innovative device developed by Max Loughan cold generate adequate energy for powering a string of LED lights; he wrapped the LED bulbs around his twin brother, Jack, before lighting it up. His device amazed film crews from TV station KTVN in Reno.

According to Max Loughan: «As cheesy as these sounds, I knew from day one on this planet that I was put here for a reason. And that reason is to invent, to bring the future. My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.»   

Max Loughan sees that the earth is all about power, which is one thing that Max sees but many others do not see. Fossil fuels produce power used to run the earth and build cities are having destructive effects on the environment. Some 75 years ago, Nikola Tesla developed an idea of generating power without the involvement of fossil fuel.



Tesla principle

Many found his idea interesting, but very few took it beyond that level. His discoveries show that Tesla was several decades ahead of his time. Many even labeled him as a charlatan and a quack. It is surprising to many that the same idea that many dismissed more than 50 decades ago is coming to reality today through the experiment of a 13-year-old boy, Max Loughan.

The invention by Max Loughan operates on the same principle as Tesla’s principle. The invention by Max also looks similar to Tesla’s coil. The device developed by the boy is, however, simpler than what the electric energy visionary developed years ago.

The new device was can harvest the electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere and convert the energy to direct current (DC) and the DC can be used for powering electric devices. The device can also be labeled as an electric harvester. It obtains its power from static energy, thermal energy, and even radio waves. It may surprise you that Max did not spend up to $15 to build the device.

Max is not relenting on his effort to make more out of his invention; he is currently taking online courses at MIT, and he is hoping to further his studies after graduating from high school.


Albert Einstein

Aside from Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein was also one of the brains that inspired the rediscovery of the principles discovered more than 50 decades ago.

Right from when he could understand the world around him, Max Loughan had always wanted to invent things. He desires to change the world via his inventions and there are strong indications that he may just do that. This new device was developed in the boiler room of his parents, which he converted to his laboratory.



His invention is already making waves on the internet and there. Max Loughan is a 13-year old but he is on the course to change the world. He may be the first 13-year-old to do that. The wire in the device collects energy from the air. The energy collected by the wire is then converted from AC to DC inside the coffee can.



During the testing session, the device was brought outside and a string of LED lights was wrapped around the jack, Max’s twin brother. Afterward, Max connected the series of LED lights to the harvester device and it turned on. Yes, the device worked as expected. The device built by Max may be simple, but it can be made to generate more energy if it can be scaled up about 20 times.



Every member of his family is thrilled at this invention, but more so his twin brother, Jack. Max Loughan also confessed that Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein are his most admired scientists. He even confessed that the two late science icons taught him more than mere science. He is focused on giving the world that one thing that it is struggling to have, which is energy. What is more, Max is not into this for the recognition or the money; he just wants to help the universe and better the lot of mankind.



Max thinks that CERN destroyed the universe. Now, Mandela effect is the consequence of that.

See more in the video about CERN and the mandela effect:


The current state of things

It is unfortunate that no special upgrading has been done about the invention by Max Loughan about a year after he came up with the innovation. Some are of the opinion that the media jumped in too quickly to hype the device before carrying out any meaningful research about it.

Despite the media hype, there are indications that the device from Max Loughan has a limited capacity to collect energy from the atmosphere. As a result, the device can’t generate adequate energy even if it is built to be bigger.

Studies have also shown that what was created by Max Loughan is more of a crystal radio rather than a free energy machine. And checking the previous works of Nikola Tesla shows that this same device had been around for over 100 years. Studies show that the crystal radio remains the simplest form of a radio receiver. In fact, the radio existed in the early days of radio broadcasting.

The description above shows that what Max Loughan has developed is not really a device for free energy. It may also surprise you that the device is rarely able to generate more than 0.5 volts if it is about 1 kilometer away from the transmitter.