The Martian language



Martian language is a language used by the inhabitants of the planet Mars. It was written and spoken by the medium Helene Smith.

In 1896, during which time Theodore Flournoy was investigating her, Smith claimed to have been spirited in a trance to Mars. And thereafter proceeded describing the manners, customs, and appearances of the Martians to members in the séance.

She learned the Martian language, which she spoke and wrote with ease and consistency.

In analysis the Martian language, unlike most unknown tongues, when automatically produced was intelligible. Its words were used consistently, and overall it had the appearance of a genuine language. However, there were discrepancies that indicated that it was no way connected to Mars.

The language itself bore a close resemblance to French, the native tongue of the medium. The grammar and construction of both languages were the same, and the vowel sounds were identical. And, the descriptions of the planet and its inhabitants were quite impossible.

Smith retained the admiration of her loyal supporters even after Flournoy published some of these critical findings in his From India to Planet Mars (1900).

Flournoy was dismissed from her life and his expose seemed to increase her popularity. Perhaps they accepted her Martian reality. A.G.H.