Manitou Cliff Dwelings

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings was initially located in Colorado close to Mesa Verde National Park but was moved to this location by the new private owner to protect them from looters and vandals. They were dismantled and packaged, piece by piece, and moved to this new location with oxen, horses and rails. They are carefully rearranged to maintain its initial form. The plan drawn initially was used to put the entire piece together one after the other. It took almost three years to put all of these pieces together to form the dwellings and was made available for the visitors and tourist in 1907. The structure was put together using a concrete mortar of the adobe mud and the type of clay Anasazi in Indians use.

The various sandstones are red and are under another form of sandstone that has been there before. Even though the relocation is been done in same location, the structure rebuilt is still a long way different from that in the original location. These happen to be the best description of the culture of Anasazi the people of Indian.


The scientist said that the pueblos stone and cliff dwellings were abandoned may be due to the enemies that force them out or starvation that may be due to draught. The Anasazi Indians, with the other name the Ancient Ones, are first nomads and sometimes around 750 AD, dwelled in a larger community and raise a multi story building. We assumed they move this stones on a rock ledge from the bottom of the cliffs for the refuge from the enemies.


The new site is a bit smaller than what is expected which allow tourist to navigate through the various structures. This comes in form of self guided tour that has informational descriptions and signs showing where you are moving through various structures you are looking at and how they have been from the ancient times, which is about 700 years ago. They encourage the various visitors that come to this location to tough the various structures to have the memory, especially for the little children’s. The various Indian hymn chants are boldly ascribe at the surface of the structures. The encouraged to touch policy trill the little children a lot. This offers them the opportunity to look through the nooks and crannies of the structures and climb the various ladders inside the building.


It was so amazing to know that this was the same structure that has been in place for long years ago. This provides great insight to the ancient culture and the various characters of people that inhabited the place years ago. It was so amazing to know how resourceful this Anasazi Indian has been in the past.


They have four rooms, four family houses which make the community. The large rectangles in the structures represent the doors, while the small holes represent the windows. And they do use  The Anasazi were believed to be around 4 feet tall which really explain why their door is like that.


We have step built in the structures to link the store building. And niches are on the building which was assumed to hold their goods and various sacred things.


The stone tower was assumed to serve various ceremonial purposes those days. We have timbers inserted into the building to climb the top of the tower. And down stairs is the chief speaker structure which happens to have a larger door and windows than the remaining part of the other structures. Instead of using an ordinary stone to cover the door, sandstone was used instead. And timbers are always used to support the upper structures.

But to preserve this structure in the modern times, only three people are allowed in that place at a time. The pool and the benches arranged in such a way and we have chicken rooster o them which signify they the people abandoned their homes.


The biggest building in the structure is the community communal which is three storey building with something around ninny families. The large part of the building is made of timbesr like every storey buildings. A museum and a shop were built nearby in a three-story Pueblo-style structure. This is also the residence of many American for many years until 1984. The shop has a lot of tourist kits. The Anasazi museum has weapons, pottery, southwestern artifacts, which gives a better insight of how this American Indian lived.


Though the building might not be so big as you will want it , but a lot of visitors still enjoy their visit Manitou Cliff Dwellings which gives us a better understanding of how Anasazi Indians lived in the ancient times.


Your visit to this location will help you picture how the ancient location will look like. If stay in or around Colorado Springs vicinity, it will be a good idea to visit this ancient location.