Luminous Energy field

The Luminous Energy Field is the archive of personal and ancestral memories that one experiences. It contains early-life traumas, even though of former lifetimes. There are four layers of this field: the first, outermost layer holds imprints of physical trauma; the second layer holds emotional imprints, soul imprints are in the third layer, and spiritual imprints are stored in the fourth and deepest layer. These imprints are similar to dormant computer programs stored on a hard drive or seeds in the ground. While being dormant they do nothing, but when activated or germinated they can produce either a bad or good reaction.

Implants can make an individual repeat disastrous behavior or they can help him toward a more productive behavior. All imprints contain information that flows to the chakras which govern the individual’s emotional and physical worlds. Information in implants organizes the Luminous Energy Field, which later organizes matter.

The Luminous Energy Field contains a template guiding the individual’s future actions: how he lives, feels, ages, and possible dies. For example, when the Luminous Energy Field has no imprint of disease, the person recovers faster from an illness. However, imprint of disease can depress the immune system and sufficiently increase the recovery time.

It is very important to not that in the Luminous Energy Field only destructive imprints are contained. Imprints such as disease and traumatic experiences leave marks on the luminous body, the outer covering liken to skin of the physical body. This luminous body or Luminous Energy Field resembles a doughnut, in geometric terms a torus, having a narrow axis or tunnel, less than a molecule thick at its center. The human magnetic field, filled by streams of light, mirrors the Earth’s magnetic field traveling from top of the head. These energy fields penetrate the Earth about twelve inches and reenter at the feet. When the arms are outstretched such a field may be pictured as a globe of light surrounding the physical body. The lines or rivers of light that flow in the luminous body are tributaries of the greater luminous lines flowing around the Earth.

As it is seen disease and traumatic experiences leave negative imprints on the outer layer of the luminous body, the marks. Good experiences, happy and loving ones, do not leave marks but can act as soothing solution helping to erase these marks. The marks of the trauma of child abuse do not appear as a child being beaten; likewise those of cancer do not appear as a blob. No, they both appear as pools of dark stagnant energy to those who can see them.

An example of a lasting effect of an imprint would be a woman whose father left her mother when she was a child that had affected her relations with men all of her life. The indication was a configuration of knotted strings above her left shoulder. Once this was analyzed the configuration went away and the woman could trust her husband more after forgiving her father. There also are imprints for diseases like cancer. The physical disease may be removed by surgery or other treatment, but unless the imprint is fully removed the disease is more predisposed to return.

This is an example of the working of good emotional experience. Trusting her husband more to be supportive of her and forgiving her father helped this woman to overcome the negative activity which the imprint had activated in her emotions for years. Again, good feelings are soothing solutions. Many people endure tragic situations and seem to develop no serious imprints in their Luminous Energy Fields while others do. The difference seems to be the attitude with which people handle the situation with which they are faced. Those meeting it with anger and resentment seem to develop imprints and can be severely scared, while those meeting the situations amicably seem less or not affected at all.

The reason for this difference is the negative effect of the imprint itself. The imprint of a tragic and/or traumatic experience ejects negative activity that affects the chakras which exerts certain behavior. Until this negativity is eliminated by positive emotional behavior the former negative behavior will persist each time the imprint is activated. This is the reason imprints, even those of past lifetimes, can predetermine people’s behavior throughout their lives: their emotions, their relationships, their work, who they marry, and so on. When activated people tend to gravitate toward people and circumstances of the original wounding in order to heal. It is only through therapy and/or self-determination that this emotional change reaction can be broken. A.G.H.


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