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Educational Links


Encyclopedias and Research

The Encyclopedia Mythica
Mythology, Folklore and More

Virtual Religion Index
Prodigious Informative Site

Radha Shyama
One God And Equality Based On The Soul

Wonders of Ancient Egypt
Site of Egyptian Wonders, Mysteries, Religion, History, and Resources

The Free Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Britannica

Science Daily
Your Source for the Latest Research News plus Search Engine

The Catholic Encyclopedia
Documentation of all things Catholic

The Arcane Archive
a cache of usenet and other text files pertaining to occult, mystical, and spiritual subjects.

Site Exploring Lost Civilizations, Ancient Ruins, Sacred Writings, Unexplained Artifacts, and Scientific Mysteries

The Feng Shui Institute
International feng shui resource centre for traditional Chinese feng shui offers courses, consultations and free Chinese astrology.

Biosophical Institute
Site of Biosophy…the Science and Art of Intelligent Living…

Sir Francis Bacon’s New Advancement of Learning
Historical Site About Sir Francis Bacon
Research Articles on Spirituality

An Occult Encyclopedia

Virtual Religion Index
Prodigious Informative Site

Site of World Religions, Spiritualism, Esoteric, and Beyond Religions…

Superstition: Common Fears and Beliefs
A Site of Superstitutions


Books and eBooks:
Great Research Link

Blavatsky Archives
Site About Helena P. Blavatsky

A True Story of Mind Over Matter

Quest Books
Theosophical Publishing House of The Theosophical Society

Rudolf Steiner Archive
ebooks and information

Progressions, the Book
Free Chapter downloads on Human Development…

Enigmni, ROC/COM
Works of Ron O. Cook



Information to Clear Search History, Browsing History and Account History from Internet..


Mysticism and occult links

Ancient & Lost Civilizations:

Ancient and Lost Civilizations

Places of Peace and Power
Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Places of the World


The Alchemy Virtual Library
An Alchemy Research Site

Alchemy Symbol
Interesting Alchemy Symbols and jewelry


your gateway to understanding

Colin’s Kabbalah Links
Site of Hermetic, Jewish, Christian, Mystic Kabbalah and Occult Links

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah
Education and Research Institute

Site of Kabbalah Talismans, Amulets, Prayer, and Black Magic Protection

The Kabbalah
Interesrting Kabbalah Page and Jewelry

Magic & Occult:

The FreeEncyclopedia of Thelma
(A Project of Scarlet Woman Publishing Scarlet Woman Lodge OTR)

Occult and Magickal Site

Magic Spells, Love and Black Magic Spells, Talismans and Amulets

Spiral Nature
Philosophical and Occult Site

Magic Spells Really Work
Magic Spells that you can cast and achieve your goals


Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
Site of Mysticism and Magic

The Metaphysics of Mysticism
A Commentary of the Mystical Philosophy of St. John of the CrossJ

Advancing Esoterical Knowledge


Paganism & Wicca:
The Meeting Place for the Occult Community

Friendly Wicca Website With Much Info

Roots of the New Age Movement
A Site of New Age Philosophy

A Rainbow of spirituality
A Learning and Sacred for all Pagan Paths

Witchcraft – World of Wicca

Witchcraft the Wonderful Craft of the Modern Day Witch




Path of the Psychic
Become Psychic – one step at a time

Accurate Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings and Astrology
Accurate Australian psychics, mediums and clairvoyants offer tarot card readings and psychic readings to help you answer your questions. Our Astrologers provide free horoscopes utilising their astrology skills to guide you every day of the week.

Psychic Experiences
Site to Publish Your Psychic Experiences


Dark-site links

A Symphony of Horror – Link Exchange
Best Directory of Dark Websites for Your Enjoyment

Encyclopedia Satanica
Encyclopedia of Satanism
By Demonolators, For Demonolators

Sinagogue of Satan
A religion even the Devil can embrace.

Site of Dark RItuals


Other links

Mouni Sadhu
An effort at preservation and precipitation

A Site which Assimilates Existence
Come Walk With A Shaman

Internet Sacred Text Archive
Largest Freely Available Archive

Gematrix–Gematria Calculator
Site of Various Language Calculators

The Sacred Nubian Teachings – The Anunnaki
by Dr. MalachiYork («The Nubian Prophet»)

Science of Soulmates
A Site of Knowledge of Soulmates

Astral Project Now
The Paranormal Den (Free Download eBook)

West African Dahomean Vodoun
Site of Ancestral Traditions in Togo West Africa, America & The Diaspora

Gurdjieff Dominican Group
A Site of Gurdjieff Avtivities

Avesta — Zoroastrian Archives
Site for Information on Zoroastrianism

Site of Insightful Reading
Blog: MySpace/delmarbrook


Services Links

Akashic Records:

The Akashic Records
Author is a true reader of Akadhic Records with world wide clientel

Akashic Records Consultants International
Site for Trainning to Access Akashic Records


Oil Paintings Reproductions Art Gallery
Site of Art Reproductions & Ptotraits

Paintings Reproductions
Oil Painting Reproductions of Old Masters, Art Reproductions Hand Painted on Canvas

Fantasy Art of Light and Magic
Magical Visions of Jurgen Ziewe

Aaron Ross AKA Dr. Yo Home Page
Electronic Artist

SunSpirit Gallery:
The Visionary Art of Jon-William Brown

Exotic India
Site of Indian Art

Vedic Astrology and Software

Astrology Site and Free Readings

Your Planets
Site of Personalized Vedic Astrology


Balanced Body Mind
Achieve Balanced Body Mind Spirit. Offering a variety of healing modalities & information. Certified Hypnosis, Registered Massage Therapy, Past Life Regression, Energy Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, Holistic Nutrition, Channelling, Mediumship, Spirit Guide work & more. Located in Richmond Hill, York Region, Ontario.

Pranic Healing
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Healing Crystals
Metaphysical Crystal Shop selling Healing Crystals at Discount Prices, including Tumbled Stones, Rocks & Minerals, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Merkaba Crystals, Vogel Wands, & more.

Jose Silva UltraMind System
Free Information

World Institute of Technologies for Healing
Site for Information about Chakras, Body Mirror System of Healing
and A Vision Workshop


Horscopes Guide
Includes daily and weekly horoscopes, articles about astrology, resources like free books, charts, services, tools etc.


Kabbalistic Numberology
An iPhone App

Occult Mall:

The Brass
Site for Shopping and Lessons

Pagan and Wiccan Supplies at StormJewels Gifts
A plethora of Spell and Altar Supplies and Magickal Jewellery

Mustika Pearls Healing Crystals & Shaman Stones

Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
Online Magic Shop and Store for the Occult

Site of Ouija Boards

Tarot and Occult Supply Site

Baba Lokenath Supply Agency
Makers of Indian Magical Wooden Wands, Boxes, and Handcrafts

Khakani’s Mystic World
Occult and Spirituality Site

The Westgate
The Original Purveyor of Necromantic Art & Literature Since 1979


Paranormal, Hauntings & Ghosts:

The Unexplained
Site of Unexplained Mysteries and Paranormal Phenomena

Ghosts–Are They Real?
An open minded skeptics view of the paranormal and ghosts, if they exist what they are and if the represent or pose any danger to the living.
Explore Lost Civvilizations, Ancient Ruins, Sacred Writings, and more…


Lost & Found Psychic Readings
Unique Psychic Counseling Through Tarot Readings

My Clairvoyant
Clairvoyant, Psychic & Spiritual Church Medium

Psychics Marie
Site of Psychic ConsultationGuide
Tasseography, Tasseomancy, Tea Leaf Reading

The Psychic Detective
Intuition Telepathy Technology and Society

Site of I Ching
For I Ching Readings


Colleen Helgerson – Lodestar Guidance
Site for Awakening, Reiki, Akashic Records, and Meditation Teaching

Therapeutic Reiki
Distant Reiki and In-person Treatment and Training. World Healing “We Are One” initiative w/ blog

The Halls of Reiki Great Halls of Links
Site of Informative Links

Reality Shifters
Site to Create Your Best Reality

Chateau Bellenau
Accommodating healing groups af all kinds including, Rebirthing, detox, yoga, reiki…
Site of Future,Life.Concepts

new age spirituality
New Age Site–Free Resources

The Soul’s Journey: Guidance from the Divine Within
A book of past-life and transcendent visionary experiences that occur in meditation
integrated with the awesome power of Kundalini

The Truth of Life
Personal Philosophy and Free Download
Site of Metaphysical, Spiritual and Esoteric Counseling

World Wide Center for Self-Realization
Site of Spirituality, Hindu Based


Amazing Magic Spells Talismans Charms
Magic Spells like Love Spells Money Spells Talismans and Charms also information on witchcraft, wicca and Voodoo dolls available

Magic Spells, Love and Black Magic Spells, Talismans and Amulets

White Magic Spells, Black Magic Spells, Curses, Hexes and Talismans

Holistic Spells
Magic Spells, Talismans, Charms, Amulets, Witchcraft, Wicca And Voodoo

Site of Kabbalah Talismans, Amulets, Prayer, and Black Magic Protection

Site of Spells

Site of Spells

My Witchcraft
Site of Witchcraft Spells and Other Information

Site of Shamanism, Occultism, Occult Supplies and Spells

Original Sigil Art
Sigils and Talismans of Magickal Power


Spiritual Resources
Site of New Spiritualist Community to Share, Take, and Bring Resources


Aeclectic Tarot
Dedicated to the Diversity and Beauty of Tarot–Free Tarot Readings

Tarot Canada