Lilith and Shekina

As described in the article of LilithShekina is thought to be by the Kabbalists the female element of God. Likewise, Lilith might be said to be the female element of Samael, the Devil. Thus these two spiritual elements are the Shakti of God and the Devil. In the quaternion marriage one sees that God and Shekina are above while Samael and Lilith are below. Later, some claim following the destruction of the Jewish temple, Shekina departed from God to join Samael and Lilith replaced her. All of these elements were thus proven to be spiritual. Also, Samael and Lilith were considered cosmic elements, equivalent to the sun and moon.

Since Lilith joined God when Shekina left for God would have been without any creative power, then Lilith is rightfully a primordial creative force existing before time. Therefore Lilith might be thought of as a creative force that has existed forever baring the legend that Adam was initially created androgynously, Lilith being his female part. The Hebrews discredited her but Lilith was necessary for natural creation for she is and supplied Shakti energy.

Her energy has been known and studied by mystics for thousands of years which also is known as Kundalini, psycho-spiritual, energy. Kundalini energy is energy of the consciousness, and resides within the sleeping body, and is aroused either through spiritual discipline or spontaneously to bring new states of consciousness, including mystical illumination. Kundalini is Sanskrit for «snake» or «serpent power,» so-called because it is believed to lie like a serpent in the root chakra at the base of the spine. Such a description would appropriately apply to Lilith as well who many consider as being the snake Samael in Eden with Eve.

Returning to the Gnostic idea that the Serpent helped and not hindered Eve in Eden, one sees that Lilith is a powerful mythological figure. She is the creative force and mover of life on earth. She was portrayed as evil by the Hebrew Kabbalists who passionately wanted to separate the natural from the spiritual. This was their reason for trying to destroy the Goddess religion of nature. Since Lilith is the symbol of the Goddess’ sexual she was one of their chief targets, if not their prime one. Those tending to think in orthodox terms will only see her as evil, but others, even though seeing her as uncleanliness or filth, will recognize her as the renegade, the rebel, the one leading them onto different paths perhaps to their own personal freedom. No one is certain how Adam and Eve would have ended up if they had stayed in the Garden of Eden, but when they were thrown out they soon became adults, builders of the world for humanity.

Since Samael and Lilith represent the sun and moon as comic elements Lilith is the friend of the magician, also being the mother on the first magician, Cain of gnosis. She helps the magician perform his tasks by making opposites available to him. Through her the magician has access to both the spiritual and natural worlds to transform them as he wishes, gibing him true natural powers. A.G.H.


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