Largest religion in the world today


Which religion was the highest population in the world


According to this source, the largest religion in the world in 2016 is Christianity with 31.4% of the world population. Applying this percentage to the current population (≈ 7350 million people), it can be inferred that there are approximately 2300 million Christians in the world.

The second most professed religion would be Islam with 23.2% of the population (1700 million).

The third place would be occupied by Hinduism with 15% (1100 million).



These are the largest religions in the world in 2016

  1. Christianity 31,2%
  2. Islam 24,1%
  3. Hinduism 15,1%



Even there is not an official study. Islam is growing and will be the largest religion in the future: 2018 and more.


World Population by religion


The following table is an original source of wikipedia with data from year 2012. It contains data from all the religions in the world and its adherents and percentage of total world population.

Christianity2.3 billion[3]31.2%
Islam1.8 billion[4]24.1%
Secular[a]/Nonreligious[b]/Agnostic/Atheist≤1.2 billion16%
Hinduism1.1 billion15.1%
Buddhism0.5 billion6.9%
Chinese traditional religion[c]394 million5.50%
Ethnic religions excluding some in separate categories300 million4.19%
African traditional religions100 million1.40%
Sikhism30 million0.32%
Spiritism15 million0.21%
Judaism14 million0.20%
Bahá’í7.0 million0.10%
Jainism4.2 million0.06%
Shinto4.0 million0.06%
Cao Dai4.0 million0.06%
Zoroastrianism2.6 million0.04%
Tenrikyo2.0 million0.02%
Neo-Paganism1.0 million0.01%
Unitarian Universalism0.8 million0.01%
Rastafari0.6 million0.01%
total7167 million100%



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