Ladder of Life


Ladder of Life is a very inclusive term used by many occult schools and religions. In its profoundest sense it is interchangeable with TheĀ HermeticĀ Chain or The Golden Chain. Mainly, it refers to the ascending grades or stages of the universe’s development and also of the spiritual, mystical, and occult ascent of theĀ adept. Examples of this Ladder are seen in various teachings: inĀ Hinduism, the Ladder of theĀ Brahmins; in theĀ Kabbalah, the Ladder to the En Sof; inĀ Judaism,Ā Jacob’s Ladder; the Ladder ofĀ Mithraism; and John of the Ladder, symbolizing Christian ascent. For theĀ Alchemists, Rosicrucians, andĀ TheosophistsĀ the Ladder was a key symbol.Ā A.G.H.


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